Karachiites Demand Climate Justice – Climate March Karachi


What is Climate Justice? In climate change, one term climate justice is used. “Climate justice” is a concept, and more than that, a campaign, that recognizes that changing climate can have varying societal, financial, population health, and other negative effects on disadvantaged communities. Climate justice organizations are working to confront these injustices head-on with lengthy […]

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Environmental Journalism Now Crucial And Dangerous Than Ever

environmental journalism is facing criticism from falsely hyped community

INTRODUCTION Journalism is a profession that enlightens ordinary people about current hot topics whether they are related to politics, environment, military, power, war, or anything. The spread of journalism is casting light on two aspects of society, the one that raises the voice for truth and the other that conceals the truth with misinformation. Read: […]

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Covid-19 and Climate Change – Exposing Environmental Injustice 

coronavirus and climate change has shed light on environmental injustice.

INTRODUCTION Years over years scientists and experts are continuously issuing warming about climate change, but the world has seemed blind and deaf to all advice. Consequently, anticipated circumstances with severe consequences are hovering all around the globe. Recorded dominant events that are posing threatening challenges to the inhabitants of the Earth include COVID-19 and CLIMATE […]

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Why Burden Of Saving The Environment Is On Poorer Nations?

poor nations are doing efforts to save the world

INTRODUCTION The world is suffering from different levels of racism. On the planet Earth, the afflicted people are paying the cost they have no contribution to. Who are afflicted people? These people live in underdeveloped and developing countries. According to a UNICEF report nearly one billion children are living in countries that are most vulnerable […]

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Environment Discrimination and the Importance of Environmental Justice

environmental racism and environmental justice movement

INTRODUCTION WHAT IS ENVIRONMENTAL DISCRIMINATION? In between the years of 1970s and 1980s, there was a concept that emerged in the environmental justice movement in the United States. The concept is currently known as environmental discrimination/racism. Environmental discrimination highlights environmental injustice that has been practiced and integrated within the context of policies. Environmental discrimination shows […]

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