Covid-19 and Climate Change – Exposing Environmental Injustice 

coronavirus and climate change has shed light on environmental injustice.


Years over years scientists and experts are continuously issuing warming about climate change, but the world has seemed blind and deaf to all advice. Consequently, anticipated circumstances with severe consequences are hovering all around the globe. Recorded dominant events that are posing threatening challenges to the inhabitants of the Earth include COVID-19 and CLIMATE CHANGE.

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The last two years were proved to be the worst in the case of COVID-19 when the humans on Earth had undergone worldwide lockdown just to prevent themselves from contagious coronavirus. In these unprecedented times, it is convenient to say that with the invention of the vaccine, now the Covid-19 situation is under control, somehow. However, the current scenarios such as climate change and covid-19 have exposed a social dilemma that could be observed in past and present times.

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It has been seen widely that the top vulnerable countries being affected by climate change are not major contributors to greenhouse gases. What world leaders are doing can also be observed that include mere discussion, seminars, debates, presenting sustainable goals – these goals should be achieved by underdeveloped and developing countries. This is due to the fact that developed countries aka rich nations consider themselves liberated from such policies.

Bringing the Covid-19 situation into light, from the preparation of the Covid-19 vaccine to distribution, where richer countries were hoarding vaccines meanwhile poor people were suffering from coronavirus and dying during the whole time. Impoverished people living anywhere around the world are most vulnerable and at greater risk of experiencing the damage of extreme events occurring on Earth. Both have shown how environmental injustice is persisting in the global community and is very much playing an integral part in the world. [Learn know more about Environmental Injustice, check out our article on Environment Discrimination and the Importance of Environmental Justice.]

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If such environmental racism continues, it could be anticipated that things will only get worse for the poor people especially affecting racial or religious minorities. This also indicates that how people are racially treated over colorism. How on Earth unprivileged people that don’t have access to valuable resources, are unable to improve their lives can even emit pollution as compared to the richer countries and big corporations? Almost the majority of factories, businesses, industries are owned by rich white males. People who are subjected to environmental injustice are forced to live under unfavorable conditions, which include lacking employment opportunities, the standard way of living, and restriction to move to other territories where the whites live. Check out: What’s Green Gentrification? Its Causes and Negative Impacts


The talented supreme forces on the Earth, primarily federation that supposedly owns  Earth’s resources think that the poor are unprivileged who can’t make use of natural resources. Above all, this power-running world doesn’t let people believe in climate change and coronavirus by creating chaos among people. Because if people start rejecting their supremacy, it would be a major fall for the corporate world that runs on poor people. Finally, it may be concluded that environmental injustice does exist, climate change is happening and covid-19 could get worse leading to new pandemics.

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