List of Environmental Internships in Pakistan For Students

Environmental Internships in Pakistan

For Environmental Science Students there are quite a few opportunities to gain industry experience after they have finished the first two years of their Undergraduate degree at university. There are a lot of industries, consultancies or governmental agencies and institutions – offering Environmental Internships in Pakistan – that are willing to take student interns so that they can get some insight into how their field of study is actually relevant to their chosen field of study.

However, it must be kept in mind at this stage the internships will likely be unpaid and will only serve to increase your knowledge and have a better understanding of the work culture.

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Importance of Internships:

Internships are really beneficial for all students at least once in the span of four years they are enrolled in the degree. This is because the exposure gives them the necessary information about how things are different in real life and practically. They will learn that text book information they learn in lessons and theory is quite different from the practical field work as well as in its application.

Moreover, they will have a deeper insight and understanding for the future and may even come up with their own conclusions on how to improve a procedure or make it better. One such example is that of how EIA/IEE (Environmental Impact Assessment and Initial Environmental Evaluation) are conducted. Field work and what students lean in theory is very different from what students are generally taught because of local and regional influences.

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List of Environmental Internships in Pakistan:

Here are some Environmental Internships in Pakistan for students of environmental science or environmental engineering that they can avail at different times of the year by visiting their official websites or simply going to their offices located in their city (if any):

  1. WWF-Pakistan Internship Program: This is great for early semester students as it can instill a better understanding and drive for nature and wildlife conservation. It usually happens at university campus but there is also the option of it being conducted online instead. There are a wide range of activities and workshops, not to mention that the certificate issued by WWF is very valuable and students should not miss the opportunity when they come across it.
  2. is Pakistan’s only and leading environment related website. It also offers content writing internships to talented environmentalists with a talent for content writing. The good thing is that unlike many other content writing internships it does offer a small stipend per month to encourage students.
  3. Nestle Internships: These are often paid but reserved only for fresh graduates typically. Focus is generally on Water purification and waste water treatment as well as how to maintain the drinking water quality. You can visit their Website for more information on when the internships are available but the schedule generally falls around June to July each year.
  4. PepsiCo. Internships: This includes, Coca Cola Internships, Nau Bahar Bottling Company Internships and a variety of other associated companies that fall under the PepsiCo banner, these are good for senior students as they have a lot of units that can teach students about sustainable packaging, process flow, agricultural side of the business and Research and Development. They take on a cohort of interns each year on a paid internship and provide them with a very rich experience. The dates of their internships vary each year so students should keep an eye out for any announcements usually on their websites and social media pages.
  5. Unilever Leadership Program: This is an internship program with students carefully selected to be interned for various units at Unilever Pakistan. They have Research and Development, Supply and Chain as well as Retail and Distribution and Marketing. Application generally open in September of each year. More information can be found on their website under the Career section.
  6. Asian Enviro-Engineering Consultancy Agency: This is for students who are looking to gain an experience of how an actual EIA and IEE are conducted. Besides, they also have a great waste water and environmental sampling laboratory. Applications for Interns depend from year to year but generally range from June to July.
  7. Pel Electronics: Internships vary year to year but the general focus here is on OHS- Occupational Health and Safety however, the chances of environmental science students being selected depends on the competition and quality of your resume.
  8. SaWiE- Smart Farming: Always ongoing internship programs that cover agriculture and sustainable methods. As well as how to collect data from farmers and better applications and alternatives for pesticides using their app for aiding people of Pakistan to develop smart and healthy ecosystems.
  9. PDMA: Provincial Disaster Management Authority is a governmental agency that deals with different disasters and monitors the plains for any threats or changes. The internship program often requires a letter to be submitted from the university department to them. The experience includes rotations between the smog unit, monitoring emissions, plans for management systems in the event of a disaster such as locusts threat or even Epidemics and Pandemics.
  10. PMD: Pakistan Meteorological Department is also a government authority that deals with the weather forecast and provides information on a daily basis. Students can opt for this anytime by submitting a letter from university and benefit from it.

We hope you liked our list of Environmental Internships in Pakistan for students and fresh grads. There are a lot of other companies, especially private companies offering Environmental Internships in Pakistan, however as we cannot vouch for those companies we have not included them in this list, but you can always mention them in the comments below with the company name, city and contact information so that students can take advantage of them!

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I hope you all liked this post! Please comment below if you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback! We at #envpk love hearing from our readers! Thanks!

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