15 New Technologies and Innovations for improving our Environment

solar power, biomass energy, bio-plastic are eco-friendly technologies

The ecosystem of the Earth is subjected to environmental degradation since the revolution of industries. The human population is increasing at an alarming rate and stressing the natural reserves. Urban sprawl and industrialization in order to meet the demand of increasing population are contributing to climate change. Our world is facing many environmental problems. Climate change is showing its adverse impacts on every sector of life. Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution is damaging the environment. Biodiversity is getting endangered and vulnerable to extinction due to habitat loss, climate change, human activities, etc.

Fossil fuel combustion has led to global warming and climate change. There is a dire need for switching to renewable and clean green energy sources.

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With each passing day, humans are acknowledging the importance of a clean environment which they had taken for granted. In this article, we have mentioned 15 new technologies, innovations, and inventions that are helping in improving the environment.

  1. Electric Cars: Electric cars don’t use fossil fuels. Hence there are fewer emissions associated with electric cars. It is considered an eco-friendly innovation.
  2. Bioplastics: Bioplastic is made from renewable biomass sources and it is an eco-friendly product that will help reduce plastic pollution.
  3. Biochar: The use of biochar will limit the application of fertilizers as it naturally increases the productivity of the soil. To know more: What Is Biochar? – Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages.
  4. Waste to Energy Technology: Waste to energy technology will reduce the negative impacts of waste on the environment and humans.
  5. Recycling Technology: The new products are formed by exploitation of raw material. Using recycling technology will reduce the burden on the economy as well it will lead to less waste production.
  6. Solar Power: Utilizing solar power is the most eco-friendly solution so as to improve the environment because it is based on renewable energy sources. Learn more: What is Solar Energy? – Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages.
  7. Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Using hydrogen fuel cells will release water as a byproduct and unlike conventional fossil fuels; they are considered eco-friendly due to less emission of greenhouse gases.
  8. Power Storage Batteries: Power storage batteries are a good substitute for nonrenewable energy sources for power generation.
  9. Solar Glass Innovation: Solar glass will keep the home warmer with solar energy. Usually, electricity is used for home heating.
  10. Carbon Capture and Storage Technology: This technology is regarded as carbon sequestration. It will remove carbon from the air, making the atmosphere cleaner and utilize it in products. Read more about it: What is Carbon Sequestration? – Techniques and Importance.
  11. LED Technology: It is considered an energy-efficient technology. LED bulbs consume less electricity than conventional light bulbs.
  12. Rainwater Tanks: Linking rainwater tanks with a plumbing system will help conserve the water sources. It includes a rainwater harvesting system. Also read: 10 Easy Ways To Store And Use Rainwater In Your House.
  13. Greywater Recycling System: Water sources are getting depleted due to inadequate consumption practices, water pollution, etc. Greywater technology could save water and reduce water pollution causes.
  14. Eco-friendly Aircraft Engine: Inventing eco-friendly aircraft engines will reduce the impacts of toxic gases on the upper atmosphere where the ozone layer is getting depleted.
  15. Artificial Intelligence: This technology is emerging very quickly and taking the lead in many sectors of life. Using this technology in the agriculture sector will conserve water and crop yield will be free of pesticides.

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