COP26 – The 2021 UN Climate Change Conference Event and Pakistan

COP26 and Pakistan


COP26: The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference is widely known as COP26. It is listed as the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference. The conference will take place in the city of Glasgow. The United Kingdom will host the conference from 1 to 12 November 2021.

COP: It stands for Conference of Parties

It is a decision-making entity whose responsibilities include monitoring and implementing United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The aim of COP26 is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, achieve sustainability and decrease the concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases to such as extent that would cause no harm.

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COP26 is extremely important to be held in order to make decisions regarding tackling the ongoing crisis of climate change. The prime purpose of the existing COP26 is to enforce Paris Agreement by lessening or almost eliminating the global emission of greenhouse gases in order to stabilize the changing climate.

The participated countries will discuss and analyze the progress toward achieving the 100 billion goal and new tasks will be set for climate funds.


It is a highlighted fact that Pakistan is not contributing to global emission not even close to 1% but it is among the most affected countries facing the consequences of climate change.

The international summit on climate change took place on 22nd and 23rd April hosted by US President Joe Biden. Almost 40 countries were invited to Climate Conference in US but Pakistan did not receive any invitation initially. It is considered among the two most important events that will pave the path for COP26, which will be held in November.  However, a few days ago, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, Ministry of Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam confirmed that US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry has expressed his interest in talks with Pakistan on climatic issues. Pakistan was later invited to the conference and was represented by Ministry of Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam.

Pakistan will be attending COP26 as a member of the United Nations. It should be taken into consideration that the efforts of Pakistan to tackle climate change must receive coverage and encouragement by green investment and climate finance. The country is all set to teach the world about its experience regarding clean green initiatives launched by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.


Prime Minister Imran Khan has shown his concern over the ongoing COVID-19 crisis being faced by developing countries along with the impacts of climate change. PM also requested a call of action from the world through a collaborative understanding of issues developing countries are facing right now.


Prime Minister Imran Khan Wrote an Article “Cop26 Will End In Failure Without A Finance Deal”.

The impacts of climate change on Pakistan are disastrous. PM has started clean green initiatives that will somehow help to tackle the effects of climate change. Pakistan has received appreciation from the world over billion tree tsunami project.

Referring to the ongoing crisis of climate change in Pakistan, PM Imran Khan stated,

“Over the past decades, the frequency and intensity of climate disasters has been constantly rising. Since 2000, Pakistan has lost 9,989 lives, suffered economic losses worth $3.8 billion, and witnessed 152 extreme weather events – all triggered by climate change,”.

He concluded his article with this statement,

“Pakistan will fight for a deal that delivers a climate secure future for its citizens and the world: they deserve no less and they will settle for nothing less,”

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