Why Burden Of Saving The Environment Is On Poorer Nations?

poor nations are doing efforts to save the world

INTRODUCTION The world is suffering from different levels of racism. On the planet Earth, the afflicted people are paying the cost they have no contribution to. Who are afflicted people? These people live in underdeveloped and developing countries. According to a UNICEF report nearly one billion children are living in countries that are most vulnerable […]

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Ways To Reduce Global Warming and Stop Earth from Heating Up

Do we have time to save Earth

INTRODUCTION Our Earth is heating up due to increasing anthropogenic activities. Recent extreme weather events such as wildfires, heat waves, hurricanes, and many more natural disasters are indicating that the Earth is running out of time. Read: We Are Witnessing Climate Change Kill Our World NATURAL MECHANISM OF EARTH’S HEATING UP The radiations that are […]

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All You Need To Know About Carbon Footprint And Its Importance

carbon foot print is causing global warming

INTRODUCTION We all must understand the concept of Carbon footprint and how we are contributing to it. You may like to read What Are Alternative Fuels? Types, Benefits, and Importance CARBON FOOTPRINT This term is defined as the whole amount of greenhouse gases that are being released into the environment. Greenhouse gases include methane and […]

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How is Pakistan benefiting from Carbon Credits?

billion tree tsunami project will create carbon credit for Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Pakistan’s contribution to global climate change is less than 1 percentage; however, Pakistan is among the top listed countries that are most vulnerable to climate change. The government of Pakistan is putting efforts to tackle climate change without any international assistance. The example includes billion tree tsunami projects. CARBON CREDIT A carbon credit is […]

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What Are Alternative Fuels? Types, Benefits, and Importance

alternative fuels include biomass, electric batteries, etc

INTRODUCTION Conventional fuels are fossil fuels that are not eco-friendly. We must shift to alternative fuels to save the environment. Advanced and non-conventional fuels are regarded as alternative fuels. ALTERNATIVE FUELS This term is defined as the use of substances or materials as fuels for powering vehicles. These alternative fuels are different from conventional fuels […]

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What is Greenwashing? – Types and Negative Effects

sins of greenwashing

INTRODUCTION Greenwashing is also famous for another term known as green sheen. GREENWASHING Greenwashing is a kind of marketing spin by which people are being fooled in the name of green products or eco-friendly products. The business tactics include green marketing and green PR. People get deceived and assume that the product of green marketing […]

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Climate Change Adaptation Methods and Mitigation Strategies

climate change

INTRODUCTION Climate change is showing its adverse impacts on the ecosystem of the Earth. Human-induced climate change is on its way to disable the functioning ecosystem. The current adverse impacts caused by climate change cannot be controlled but only preventive measures can be taken. CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION METHODS Climate change adaptation methods are those actions […]

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