AI And Its Role In Environmental Protection And Restoration

What is meant by ” AI”? AI- short for Artificial Intelligence is the system or machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. They are different from robots that can be pre-programmed to perform a certain task/s. This is because AI can overtime learn to improve itself by processing the information it has […]

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Green Tech: Using CO2 From Air To Produce Useful Products

many products are being made from co2

INTRODUCTION The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere keeps on increasing because of nonstop anthropogenic activities including fossil fuel combustion, mining, agricultural activities, etc. The corporate body is not likely to be held responsible for its greed and environmental degradation. This framework is clearly depicting that the developing and underdeveloped countries will continue bearing […]

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10 Latest Innovative Environmental Friendly Technologies

latest techniques could be sound option against climate change

INTRODUCTION Climate change is real and vigorously happening at the present time around the world. Experts are trying to invent new techniques that might prove rewarding against the impacts of climate change. There are many eco-friendly techniques that already have been introduced. The governments should launch such techniques in their respective countries without delaying any […]

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What is Agroecology? Importance and Impact on Environment

agroecology is a sustainable farming

INTRODUCTION Agroecology is a term that can be evaluated in three different ways. It could be a scientific discipline, an agricultural practice, or a movement. Also check out: Hydroponics – The Future of Agriculture? AGROECOLOGY This term is defined as an applied science that focuses on ecological procedures related to methods of agriculture production. It […]

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15 New Technologies and Innovations for improving our Environment

solar power, biomass energy, bio-plastic are eco-friendly technologies

The ecosystem of the Earth is subjected to environmental degradation since the revolution of industries. The human population is increasing at an alarming rate and stressing the natural reserves. Urban sprawl and industrialization in order to meet the demand of increasing population are contributing to climate change. Our world is facing many environmental problems. Climate […]

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