Is Transition To Clean Energy Crucial For Our Survival?

shifting to renewable energy is inevitable


When we talk about energy or power generation, the very first thought that hit us is the combustion of fossil fuels. World leaders are often seemed to utter some heavy words like shifting to clean energy in order to combat the impacts of climate change but the other side of the coin is that the same so-called superpower leaders are found inaugurating plants and projects that are either based on coal or drilling of fossil fuels.

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Climate change in simple words represents a vicious cycle of which the main elements are human activities. As there is no full-stop observed in anthropogenic activities so that vicious cycle is increasing in its speed. The speedy cycle is catalyzing weather events one after another.

In order to bring that vicious cycle down, we must opt for ways that contradict its speedy movement. The methods usually have been presented in COP conferences, scientists and experts are consistently involved in finding solutions or eco-friendly techniques that are going to have fewer negative effects on the environment.


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Renewable energy sources are sun, wind, water, and many others that are not limited like non-renewable energy sources. For instance, waste that is being generated every year in huge quantities all around the globe can be utilized to produce energy.

Why we are putting so much emphasis on this is due to the fact that people at an individual level can play their role in cutting their demand for fossil fuels. People if gathered can bring resolutions and ask governments to shut down projects that are casting Earth’s peace.


A simple answer to this question is yes. This is a plain concept that shouldn’t ask for pieces of evidence as what’s happening in the world can seen with eyes.

Renewable energy is an inevitable option for reducing the impacts of climate change. Transition to it is crucial for human survival on the Earth, not only for humans but plants, animals, and all things that make up the environment of the Earth. You may like to read: Why We All Should Move to Clean Renewable Energy

To date, many environmentally friendly techniques have been invented that would less likely show negative consequences if made a comparison with fossil-fuel combustion. Electric and hybrid cars are becoming popular among people, yet developed countries are not found interested in launching such projects on a national scale. They should have discouraged Earth degrading activities with their actions and words but sadly their mere words lead their actions. Even the fossil fuel-based plants can be run on renewable energy sources but again there are more projects waiting in a queue to be approved by great leaders because these future projects would make their economy more strong and stable.


Where we are lacking in lessening the impacts of climate change is the implementation of eco-friendly techniques, because it is a lot easier to fill up your tank at a gas station and go wherever you want. That time is not far when these limited non-renewable energy sources would no longer be available to provide humans with their means. Perhaps those who are engaged in activities that destroy Earth and felt no shame in doing so would be colonizing Mars.

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