Pakistan’s Green Agenda – An Example for the World to Follow

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Pakistan is a developing country and ranking fifth most populous nation in the world. The growing population and depleting natural resources are straining the economy of Pakistan. The country is experiencing the brunt of climate change. Pakistan is among the top most affected countries by climate change.

Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf, Imran Khan on winning the provincial election in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa initiated the billion tree tsunami project. Later in 2018, the party won the general elections, and Mr. Imran Khan after becoming the Prime Minister has announced the 10 billion tree tsunami project across the country. So the current government of Pakistan is keenly focused on environmental restoration. Due to its commitment to restoring the environment, Pakistan as also announced as the host of World Environment Day. Read more: Pakistan As World Environment Day 2021 Host – Why and How?


The global carbon footprint is causing glacier retreat in the Himalayas threatening the survivability of nearby people. Natural disasters such as landslides, avalanches, sinkholes, etc are occurring more frequently. Wildfires and heatwaves are turning aggressive in intensity. The weather patterns have changed over the year due to anthropogenic activities.

In such scenarios, Pakistan has become a Global leader in Climate Change mitigation efforts. The world has applauded for 10 billion tree tsunami project initiated by the Government of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the whole world including Pakistan confronted the COVID-19 pandemic, the country managed to initiate the Green stimulus project. The aim of this project is to provide green jobs to the public in a sustainable way. It includes preparing nurseries, taking care of plants, protecting natural forests, etc.

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Pakistan hosted world environment day this year due to consistent efforts to tackle the impact of climate change. The whole world is likely to experience the consequences of the ongoing climate crisis. What should we need to learn is eco-friendly ways that could reduce the adherent challenges imposed by climate change.

The acknowledgeable efforts by the environmental conscious Government of Pakistan include ecosystem restoration funds such as protected areas management and Miyawaki Urban Forests. Nearly 15 national parks will be persevered to prevent environmental damage.

The clean energy initiative by the Government of Pakistan should be taken as a first-class example by the world. Pakistan is a power deficient country where electricity outage is a common issue. Regardless, the Government of Pakistan has shut down two coal-based power plants and shifted to hydroelectric power generating projects.

Pakistan has started various green projects in order to slow down the environmental degradation in the country. Check out Pakistan Govt. Launches 6 Initiatives To Control Environmental Degradation

Ongoing climate crises are seriously being dealt with through green schemes and projects in Pakistan but the question is will the world leaders be ever serious towards climate change? There are top polluting countries in the world that are in complete denial of taking responsibility for climate change due to large carbon emissions.

Likewise, other developing countries are also on the verge of experiencing the brunt of climate change. They should follow the footsteps of Pakistan and initiate eco-friendly projects that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. COVID-19 has taught us various lessons out of which one is that the economy of the world can go well without burning fossil fuels that release huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases eventually lead to a predicted rise in temperature.


Pakistan is not a developed country but is still on the list of developing countries. Social, environmental and economical issues are gradually becoming prevalent across the country. Pakistan is paying the cost for climate change it has contributed to less than 1%. For how long poor countries will keep facing the brunt of climate change due to wealthy countries? The developed countries in the world should ratify international agreements that are in compliance with climate change adaptive measures. Only this way the worst effects could be lessened.

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PTI Government’s Environmental Achievements So Far

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