Pakistan’s Living Indus Initiative And Its Importance


If Indus were to speak, it would say, ‘I want to live again.’ – Sherry Rehman, Federal minister for climate change. Living Indus is an umbrella initiative consisting of various existing and new projects to address the triple planetary crisis, including Climate change, Biodiversity, and Pollution. It aims at climate-resilient reconstruction, in and around River […]

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Impacts of Transboundary Pollution on Pakistan

What is meant by ‘Transboundary Pollution’? Transboundary pollution refers to the kind of pollution through any means- water or air, whose point of origin is at a different place, country or region but the effects are felt in a country/region away and distant from it. Common Pathways of Transboundary Pollution: Transboundary pollution is usually what […]

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2021 Year In Review: Pakistan’s Environmental Achievements

INTRODUCTION: The Islamic republic of Pakistan enjoys good and important geographical location which extends from 61°E to 77° 45 E longitudes and 4°N to 37°N latitude. Pakistan is divided into five provinces, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh and Gilgit Batistan. The environmental impacts are different because physiographically it is divided into three regions that is, […]

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Pakistan’s Green Agenda – An Example for the World to Follow

green stimulus package

INTRODUCTION Pakistan is a developing country and ranking fifth most populous nation in the world. The growing population and depleting natural resources are straining the economy of Pakistan. The country is experiencing the brunt of climate change. Pakistan is among the top most affected countries by climate change. Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf, Imran Khan on […]

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PTI Government’s Environmental Achievements So Far

10 billion tree tsunami project, protected areas initiatives

Introduction The literal translation of the name “Pakistan” is a land in which the pure abound. Pakistan is officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is a country located in South Asia. The country has secured 5th rank in the list of most populous countries in the world. Pakistan has a population of […]

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