Is Pakistan’s 10 Billion Tree Tsunami too costly and unsustainable?

planting trees can never be costly


Pakistan is confronting the brunt of climate change triggered by world superpowers. It is included in top affected countries by climate change, despite the fact that it only contributes to less than 1 percent of global carbon emissions. The Government of Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan has initiated a large-scale tree plantation project named as 10 billion tree tsunami project. The estimated cost of this project is approximately 125 billion rupees that are 750 million dollars. Is it more than what could possibly happen if climate change is not tackled in a sustainable way?

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It is often heard that one cannot make everyone happy around themselves. This could be proven by how opponents are highlighting the Government’s initiatives regarding efforts to tackle adverse impacts of climate change.

A European news outlet recently published an article against the 10 billion tree tsunami in which the critics are unleashing their thoughts concerning the ten billion tree tsunami project. The opponents are pointing fingers towards the Government for wasting natural resources, the cost of the project, and the absence of accountability – all connected with the 10 billion tsunami project.

To their surprise, the project has already received international appreciation. You may like to read 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project appreciated by UNEP Executive Director

What denouncers are neglecting include huge gains linked with the tree plantation project. Why they are turning blind to the economic, social, and environmental advantages related to the billion tree tsunami project is inapprehensible.

The proposed project is likely to be completed by 2023. We being environmentalists are basically trying to prove that the cost of the project is a lot less than the benefits it will reap. The raging climate change is causing water scarcity, floods, food insecurity, droughts, and many other environmental issues in the country. Are we still able to criticize any welcoming effort that would prove fruitful in one or another way?

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The benefits associated with the 10 billion tree tsunami project are enormous. The weak economy of Pakistan could be stabilized from the resources trees would generate.

  • Trees maintain the temperature in their surroundings. Large-scale tree plantation projects will help keep moderate temperatures by reducing heat.
  • Trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere. The expeditiously increasing amount of carbon in the atmosphere could be lowered if all the countries start planting trees on large scale.
  • Wouldn’t it be beneficial to plant trees that filter air and make the air clean from pollutants? Trees absorb noise as well!
  • The rate of unemployment around the world is increasing due to COVID-19. In Pakistan, the 10 billion tsunami project has created and is likely to create even more job opportunities for youth as the project is being scaled up.
  • The recent extreme weather events such as floods in Europe are telling us that we need to opt for initiatives that could prevent floods. Planting trees would definitely help to stop floods.

Along with these listed benefits, the urban heat island effect that contributes to rising temperature in cities can only be tackled if more trees are planted across the country. The Miyawaki Urban Forest initiative by the government should thus be appreciated as well. To know more about the project read: Miyawaki Urban Forests In Pakistan And Its Benefits


Pakistan is continuously struggling to combat the catastrophic impacts of climate change. The country has not received any international aid in its endeavors. How on Earth Planting trees could be unsustainable and costly? Forests act as lungs for the Earth and how sustaining lungs can be unsustainable? Slamming a project is an easy job however replicating it is difficult. Opposition is being critical of the project whereas it is actually for the good of every citizen of Pakistan. People should criticize everything, EXCEPT TREE PLANTING INITIATIVES.

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