What is Reforestation? What are the Methods and Importance?

What is Reforestation? Reforestation means replanting or attempting to regrow plants, trees and other flora on the land that was previously cleared to benefit humans for their activities such as cultivation, or for timber for furniture, logging for cabins and other purposes that require some use of wood and land. Now, Reforestation also happens when […]

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Is Pakistan’s 10 Billion Tree Tsunami too costly and unsustainable?

planting trees can never be costly

INTRODUCTION Pakistan is confronting the brunt of climate change triggered by world superpowers. It is included in top affected countries by climate change, despite the fact that it only contributes to less than 1 percent of global carbon emissions. The Government of Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan has initiated a large-scale […]

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Coniferous (Taiga or Boreal) Forest of Pakistan – Climatic Biome

higher altitudes support boreal forest

INTRODUCTION Coniferous (Taiga or Boreal) Forest: It is defined as evergreen scale-leaved, cone-bearing, needle-leaved trees. It is present in locations where winters are longer. It receives precipitation in the form of snow. Coniferous (Taiga or Boreal) Forest Biome: Boreal biome usually consists of coniferous forests that include spruce, pine, and larches. Characteristics of Coniferous (Taiga […]

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GIS and Remote Sensing in Environmental Science – Applications and Advantages

GIS and Remote sensing application in Earth sciences

INTRODUCTION GIS: It stands for Geographic Information System. It is defined as a framework that works on the principles of data collection, management, and evaluation. It is a vast field of science related to geography that combines complex data structures. It evaluates the spatial position and assembles layers of informative data into images. For example, […]

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Deforestation in Pakistan and Recent Afforestation Drives

deforestaion by natural calamities and human activities

Introduction Forestry: it is the field of science that includes a series of processes such as producing, protecting, conserving, utilizing, and managing woodlands and forests. It also includes repairing the forests for sustainable functions of the environment and ecosystems.  In forestry, trees are grown on a large scale preserving the land only for the forest […]

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Pakistan Proceeds Towards Bamboo Production by Joining INBAR

increased bamboo production in Pakistan as a full member of INBAR

Pakistan is going to become a full member of INBAR to increase bamboo production International Network on Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) is an international organization Almost every country of SAARC is a member of INBAR excluding Afghanistan and Pakistan Also read: Need for Trees in Karachi – Importance and Benefits Of Trees The government of […]

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