12 Most Beautiful Places with Unique Ecosystems in World



Ecosystems distinctly describe the habitat conditions, climate, geography, and many other aspects of a particular area. There is a diverse variety of animal and plant species present around the world. Some countries have unique ecosystems that host particularly endemic diversity of organisms. Also, wildlife inhabits the unique ecosystem of the Earth. The place that has wildlife and a unique ecosystem definitely turn out to be a tourist destination. Here we have collected 12 most beautiful places with unique ecosystems in the world.

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Location: Manaus – Amazonas – Brazil, Belém – Pará – Brazil, Iquitos – Maynas – Peru, Puerto Maldonado – Tambopata – Peru.

Unique Features: The rainforest ecosystem is characterized as the oldest living system on the Earth. This place has evergreen tall trees, the same climate throughout the year, and receives heavy precipitation.

Fauna: Scorpion, Anaconda, Squirrel Monkey, Jaguar, etc.

Flora: Banana Trees, Orchids, Rubber Tree, Kapok Tree, etc


Location: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno – Galápagos – Ecuador

Unique Features: The Galápagos Islands are present in the Pacific Ocean and have three characteristics ecosystem including marine, coastal and terrestrial. The area covers both sides of the equator and receives heavy precipitation.

Fauna: Sally Lightfoot crabs, Frigatebirds, Marine iguanas, Galápagos land iguana, etc.

Flora: Brachycereus, Candelabra Cactus, Prickly Pear Cactus, Gossypium darwinii, etc.

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Location: Hadiboh – Socotra – Yemen

Unique Features: Socotra is a prime example of a unique ecosystem because it has extremely unique biodiversity. The plants and animals species found here are mostly endemic.

Fauna: Aloe perryi, Moraceae, Socotran pomegranate, Dorstenia gigas, etc.

Flora: Bats, Socotran chameleon, Brush-footed butterfly, Chamaeleo monachus, etc.



Location: Continent – North or South Pole

Unique Features: It is widely known as a polar desert. Antarctica is a continent that has a unique ecosystem. There are fewer plants because of extremely harsh climatic conditions.

Fauna: Whales Seals, Leopard Seal, Penguins, Hourglass dolphins, Flying Sea birds, etc.

Flora: Antarctic pearlwort, Antarctic hair grass


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Location: Skardu – Gilgit Baltistan – Pakistan

Unique Features: Katpana desert is a cold desert that is located at highest altitudes in the country – and the world! It has a unique ecosystem that provides habitats to a variety of plant and animal species.

Fauna: Jerboa, Moles, Rodents, etc.

Flora: Bunch Grass, Rosaceae, Acacia, etc.

cold desert


Location:  North-Western – Botswana

Unique Features: It is a swampy area that provides habitat to wildlife. The ecosystem of this delta is characterized as wetlands. It is also listed among the largest inland deltas in the World. Fish species is dependent on seasonal flooding.

 Fauna: Red Lechwe, Slaty egret, African skimmer, Sitatunga, etc.

Flora: Acacia, Hyphaene petersiana, ferns, etc.


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Location: Park County and Teton County – Wyoming – United States of America

Unique Features: This unique ecosystem is surrounded by mountains and there is a snow cover for many months in a year. It is said that this is the last intact ecosystem on Earth. Some species of animals are only found here.

Fauna: Mule Deer, Moose, Elk, Pronghorn, Bison, etc.

Flora: Lodgepole pine, Alpine, Sagebrush steppe, etc.


Location: Tunisia, Western Sudan, Niger, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Libya, Egypt, Chad, Algeria – Northern Africa

Unique Features: The ecosystem of the Sahara desert is characterized as hyper-arid. The desert receives less precipitation. Dry valleys and sand dunes are prevalent ecoregions of the Sahara Desert.

Fauna: Dromedary, Addax, Oryx, Jerboa, Etc.

Flora: Cypress, Olives, Mastic, Etc.



Location: Queensland mainland – Australia

Unique Features: This ecosystem has the largest coral reef system in the World. There are nearly 900 islands covering an area of 2300 kilometers. A unique kind of ecological diversity is present there.

Fauna: Whales, Sea Turtles, Starfish, Manta Ray, etc.

Flora: Seagrass, Algae, Mangroves, etc.

coral reefs 

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Location: East Africa

Unique Features:  Madagascar is a separate world where extensive wildlife is present along with a variety of ecoregions. It includes rivers, wetlands, mangroves, forests, drylands, etc. Many species are endemic here.

Fauna: Lemurs, Gecko, Frogs, Fossa, etc.

Flora: Octopus trees, Tahina palm, Madagascar periwinkle, Za Baobab, etc.

plants and animal species


Location: Daniel Campos – Potosí Department – Bolivia

Unique Features: This place is known to have a unique ecosystem and less wildlife due to its largest salt flat. In previous times there was a lake that dried and now the landscape has a desert-like look.

Fauna: Pink Flamingoes, Viscachas, Andean Foxes, etc.

Flora: Cacti, Quinoa, Pilaya, etc.

flat salt

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Location: Indus Delta – Sindh, Gawadar Bay, Milani Hor and Kalmat hor – Balochistan – Pakistan

Unique Features: Mangroves of Pakistan are home to a diverse variety of plant and animal species including marine organisms. Mangroves are extremely important for the country due to the variety of fish species.

Fauna: Flamingoes, Pelicans, Camels, Jackals, Dolphis, etc.

Flora: Grey Mangrove – White Mangrove – Avicennia marina

Black Mangrove – Aegiceras corniculatum

Spurred Mangrove – Ceriops tagal –

Loot Roop Mangrove – Red Mangrove – Rhizophora mucronata

Mangrove Forest SindhImage Source: Ayazan57, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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