Climate Change Is Increasing Water Scarcity Around The World

water stress is causing economic and health problems


Human-induced climate change is showing its negative consequences all around the globe. Out of many serious environmental issues, water scarcity would remain a prime problem. Water shortage, water stress, or water scarcity, all these terms are similar that describes the severity of the problem.

Overuse, inappropriate agriculture practices, urbanization, human population, industrialization, water pollution are few reasons for depleting water reserves around the world.

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Taiwan is an island where climate change is causing floods and droughts. The country gets its water from typhoons and heavy rains. However, climate change has affected the weather cycles and the water-holding reservoirs are filled with sediments up to 25-30%.

This situation is stressing the agriculture sector and more prominently semiconductor industry. Approximately 20% of water in Taiwan is used by the chipmaking industry and recent droughts in the country have resulted in chip shortages around the Globe.


Middle East countries and North Africa are the regions that are densely populated but receive less rainfall. The prolonged dry weather conditions are the reasons why these areas are hotter than other areas.

Wealthier countries like UAE meet their water needs through desalination plants. The desalination method is quite expensive.


Water mismanagement is another huge problem. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is experiencing a water shortage due to a lack of infrastructure. The country receives heavy precipitation.


Italy in Europe is among water stressed countries. The reason is the old infrastructure that has not been upgraded as well as the effect of Climate Change.


The news has also reported that the Colorado River connected to reservoir Lake Mead is currently having recorded low water levels affecting parts of Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Colorado, Arizona, etc.


India is included in the list of most water-stressed countries. The reasons include heavy consumption of groundwater reserves, water pollution, and increasing human population.

Bengaluru, a Karnataka state in India, is expecting to suffer an extreme water shortage. Climate change leading to extreme weather events has resulted in less rainfall and as a result, the water flow in the Cauvery River is low. According to the IPCC report, the city will no longer have access to drinking water.

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Pakistan is included in the list of countries that are sooner or later would become water-scarce countries. The reasons include overpumping of groundwater reserves, water pollution, and inappropriate water use in agriculture practices. Read: The Projected Future of Water Scarcity Crisis In Pakistan and Water Scarcity Crisis in Pakistan: Causes, Effects, Solutions.


Extreme weather events around the globe are examples of climate change. For instance, wildfires 2021, and Europe floods 2021. What happens further is that the already existing environmental problems such as water shortage intensify with extreme weather events, all due to climate change.

Water shortage due to climate change will most likely cause economic and health crises. Public health is more closely linked with water quality and easy water access. When any country suffers water shortage, it in return increases burdens on the economy. Because agriculture yield is also get disturbed. Inadequate sanitation facilities due to water scarcity lead to disease breakout.

However, we all should consider playing our role as responsible citizens and do any tiny effort that could help in the betterment of the country. And if all countries act sensibly and join hands in saving water, there is a possibility that the climate crisis can be slowed down. You may like to read: 10 Easy Ways To Store And Use Rainwater In Your House


Everything on the Earth is correlated. Any impurity, stress, or disturbance in one ecosystem will show an impact on all other ecosystems. This is exactly what happened with human activities that led to climate change. Global warming and climate change are now stressing water reserves. Countries are suffering from water shortage and it doesn’t matter whether the country is rich or poor. Nevertheless, a strict ban should be imposed on industrialization and sustainable practices should be implemented to increase water storing capacities.

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