Causes and Effects of Deforestation – Short Easy Kids Info

Short and Easy Info for Kids - Deforestation

Deforestation is cutting down of forests. There are many reasons why forests are cut down. It has many negative impacts on the environment and is destroying out earth. Forests are the lungs of earth. We should do all we can to save our forests. If you wish to learn more about Deforestation, then keep reading..

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Deforestation means cutting down a lot of trees in a forest or cutting down trees on a large scale in an area.

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There are many reasons for deforestation as there are many reasons why humans cut down trees on a large scale and clear lands. Some of them are:

  1. Agriculture

Forests are cut down to make the land plain for growing crops that earn money (commercial agriculture)

  1. Grazing Land

Forested land is cleared for making grazing land for farm animals.

  1. Construction Of Cities Or Roads

Land is cleared of forests to construct new cities or roads.

  1. Timber/Wood

Cutting trees for timber (wood) for furniture or construction is a common practice.

  1. Mining

For mining valuable materials from underneath earth the trees on ground have to be cut down.

  1. Fuel Wood

Trees are sometimes cut down to get fuel wood (wood for burning)

  1. Building Factories

Forests are cut down to clear land for making huge factories on that land.



Clearing land of forests have many negative effects on the environment, some of them are:

  1. Less Groundwater Recharge

Land without trees absorbs less rainwater, so less water reaches the underground water table which over time dries up.

  1. Soil Erosion

Land without trees offers little protection to the fertile top soil of that area which is eroded over time because of water or wind.

  1. Habitat Destruction

Cutting forests leads to habitat destruction of all the animals, birds, insects and plants living there. All of them die or have to move to some other place (most die trying).

  1. Extinction Of Species

Forests are home to thousands of species of animals, birds, insects and plants etc. Many of those species are not even discovered yet. All of them die when forests are cut down. This can lead to extinction of both known and unknown species.

  1. Greenhouse Effect

Trees absorb Carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas and give out oxygen. So cutting forests on a large scale helps in greenhouse effect and global warming.

  1. Water and Air Pollution

Cutting down forests and making cities, roads or factories cause pollution. Factories release harmful gases and liquids into the environment.

  1. Land Pollution

Activities like mining leads to not only destruction of land but also causes air and water pollution.

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Deforestation harms the environment in many ways, so it should be stopped. Some of the ways in which deforestation can be prevented are:

  1. Strict Laws Banning Deforestation

Stricter laws against deforestation should be made and enforced. Anyone caught cutting trees should be punished with jail and fine.

  1. Afforestation

Afforestation means growing new forests in an area where there wasn’t a forest before. This is one way of fighting deforestation.

  1. Reforestation

Reforestation means growing forests in deforested areas again. This will help in growing the forests again in that areas and saving species from going extinct due to habitat destruction.

  1. Awareness Campaigns

Awareness should be spread against deforestation so that people know the importance of forests.

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