Water Scarcity in Pakistan: Reasons, Solutions and Contributions of the Judiciary for the Cause


On the Road to Parchedness Seventy-six years since independence and Pakistan continues to encounter different predicaments each day. Sometimes in the face of terrorism, sometimes economic crisis, sometimes political instability, however, the emerging water scarcity crisis which Pakistan faces today had never been foreseen. Unfortunately, this catastrophe has the potential of not only casting deleterious […]

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Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources of Pakistan

Introduction: Climate Change and Water Resources – Why has water become so scarce in Pakistan and the reason behind it Although water scarcity is a global issue, this is particularly an alarming concern in countries where population growth is rapidly increasing. Pakistan is also a highly water stressed country because of this reason. Karachi in […]

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Climate Change Causing Rice Crop Yield Reduction In Pakistan

crop yield is declining due to climate change

INTRODUCTION Climate change is wrecking havoc everywhere around the world. Pakistan is among the top affected countries by climate change. Pakistan is an agrarian country where the developing economy is based on the agriculture sector. Climate change is adversely impacting agriculture production in Pakistan. Check out: The Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture in Pakistan […]

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Climate Change Is Increasing Food Shortage Around The World

food shortage around the world

INTRODUCTION Climate change is bringing consequences predicted by experts over years ago. The increasing food shortage around the world is also an impact of climate change. Human activities such as fossil fuel combustion release greenhouse gases that are causing greenhouse effects and global warming. Ultimately the whole scenario is leading to the rising temperature of […]

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Climate Change Is Increasing Water Scarcity Around The World

water stress is causing economic and health problems

INTRODUCTION Human-induced climate change is showing its negative consequences all around the globe. Out of many serious environmental issues, water scarcity would remain a prime problem. Water shortage, water stress, or water scarcity, all these terms are similar that describes the severity of the problem. Overuse, inappropriate agriculture practices, urbanization, human population, industrialization, water pollution […]

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The Projected Future of Water Scarcity Crisis In Pakistan

climate change is worsening the water demand in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION The water resources in Pakistan are getting depleted due to the overuse of groundwater. A research paper reported that 73% of groundwater is used for irrigation while 27% is used from other freshwater resources. Pakistan is suffering from water crisis and we all know that. For more information read: Water Crisis in Pakistan- Current […]

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Water Scarcity Crisis in Pakistan: Causes, Effects, Solutions

water scant country Pakistan will suffer GDP losses

INTRODUCTION Water Scarcity: Water scarcity in simple terms is defined as insufficient or depleted freshwater resources that can no longer serve the standard water demand of a particular area. Water Scarcity Crisis: Humans on Earth are experiencing water scarcity crisis. How this crisis emerged is solely related to human activities. Naturally, some areas are water […]

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