Europe Floods 2021 Due to Climate Change – Causes and Effects

Recent floods have caused extreme level of damage in Europe in the year of 2021


Europe floods 2021 represent extreme weather events. What are the causes of these extreme weather events? The answer is CLIMATE CHANGE. The European floods of 2021 have left everyone staggering. The extent of damage is huge. There is a possibility of recurring heat waves that most probably bring more or less the same level of destruction. Scientists are also worried about the recent devastating weather events.


The month of July brought has brought destruction to various parts of Europe. Right before the mid of July floods caused extreme damage in European countries.


Flash floods started in England and caused disturbances for the residents. These flash floods causing destruction in the UK reached river basins of Central and Northern Europe and further contributed to the devastation.


The natural disaster has caused massive damage in Germany. 177 people have died due to Europe Floods 2021.


The countries that are experiencing the wrath of floods include Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Croatia, Belgium, and Austria. The death toll has risen to 221 in various parts of Europe.


We know that the recent floods in Europe were caused by “heavy rains”, but it isn’t as simple as heavy rains. The real causes of European floods in 2021 are listed below.

1. Heat Waves: Heatwaves are a key cause of recent floods. It is reported that unusual and extraordinary heatwaves have hit Europe like never before. These heatwaves are the result of climate change.

2. Deforestation: Trees prevent floods and act as carbon sinks. Sadly, deforestation in Europe due to wood fuel and agricultural land is contributing to floods.

3. Wildfires: Many countries in Europe are facing wildfires again due to extreme weather events. The burning forests release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. [Read: 2019-2021 The Years of Wildfires – Causes and Effects]

4. Heavy Rainfall: Heavy precipitation causes floods. Europe has been hit by heatwaves that resulted in heavy rainfall leading to floods.

5. Greenhouse Gases: Anthropogenic activities such as fossil fuel burning in transportation and industries are releasing greenhouse gases that increase the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere.

6. Climate Change: We are discussing Climate Change as the last cause because almost every other cause is related to or an effect of Climate Change!


The effects of European floods are listed below.

1. Loss of Human Lives: The recent floods in Europe have cost human lives. Many people have died due to floods.

2. Infrastructure Damage: The property damage is huge due to European floods in 2021. Floods have damaged infrastructure and people are displaced.

3. Financial Losses: Floods cause financial losses that have negative impacts on the economy of the country. The recent floods have cost financial loss in billion euros.

4. Electricity Outage: Due to floods, many areas in Europe have experienced electricity outage that has worsened the situation.

5. Water Pollution: Heavy rainfall leading to floods is responsible for water pollution and disease outbreak in the affected areas.

6. Ecosystem Damage: Fauna and flora both are affected by floods as animals drown and plants are damaged or uprooted.


These recent floods are undoubtedly the consequence of climate change. Floods due to climate change are unprecedented. This year unusual heat waves hit European countries that brought catastrophic floods to many countries in Europe. Climate change is causing dry weather conditions due to which the atmosphere is absorbing more water vapor and hence heavy precipitation occurs. The heavy rainfall has eventually taken the form of floods. Read further Increasing Natural Disasters due to Climate Change


For many years scientists and experts have been issuing warnings against the adverse impacts of climate change. Now is the time to face those adverse impacts of climate change that are bringing extreme weather events. Which country is prepared to how much extent in tackling climate change is a matter worth thinking about. Developing countries are at higher risk of experiencing catastrophic damage.

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