Global Heat Wave and Wildfires – Causes, Effects, Solutions

Global Heat waves and wildfires disturbing all kind of lives on the Earth


The world is experiencing extreme weather events such as heavy rainfalls, droughts, floods, wildfires, etc. All this is happening due to climate change.


Heat wave and heatwave are exactly the same words.

This term is defined as a spell of extreme hot weather conditions that is characterized by excessive humidity in the atmosphere. These weather conditions are mostly reported in nearby ocean climatic countries. Heat wave is recorded by normal temperature during the specific season and weather conditions in the area.


Wildfires have synonyms like wildland fires, rural fires, bushfires or forest fires.

Undesired wildfires usually start from combustible vegetation surrounding an area, nearby forest or urban area and cause massive damage.

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Decades over decades scientists and experts have continuously warned against climate change that would bring ecological disasters to the living organisms on the Earth.

Recently European countries are hit by unprecedented heat waves that have caused heavy rainfalls in many parts of Europe and resulted in floods. Many people died and become homeless.

Similarly, cases of wildfires have been reported by the media. Currently, Turkey is burning, while Italy, US California, have experienced recent wildfires incidents.


The causes of the global heat wave and wildfires are atmospheric conditions that are further worsened by consistent human activities.

Two main causes of global heat waves are ozone layer depletion and high air pressure. Air gets trapped due to high atmospheric pressure. What is the process of heat wave? High air pressure causes upper atmospheric air to move downward and outward, these air circulations result in air compression that leads to rising in temperature. Ozone depletion allows harmful radiations coming from the sun to affect the Earth’s atmosphere and contribute to heat waves.

Human activities such as fossil fuel combustion, urban heat island effect, etc release greenhouse gases that further add up the heat to the atmosphere.

Heat waves and wildfires are strongly connected phenomena both triggered by climate change. The heat waves lead to wildfires. Wildfires need hot weather conditions for widespread and heat waves provide such temperature. For instance, any area if experiencing constant spells of heat waves it is most likely that any human negligence, arson, or lightning that resulted in sparks would lead to wildfires, and heatwaves aids the fast spread of wildfires.

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The effects of heat waves are listed below.

1. Water Shortage: Heat waves are responsible for water shortage. More water gets evaporated and stays in the atmosphere – this can lead to droughts.

2. Heavy Precipitation: Heat waves can result in eventual heavy precipitation leading to flash floods and increasing potency of natural disasters.

3. Plant Death: Due to heat waves and wildfires plants suffer growth depression. The crop yield is severely affected by heat waves and wildfires.

4. Health Problems: Heat waves have negative impacts on human health leading to heat stroke. Wildfires increase air pollution causing breathing problems.

5. Economic Losses: Economic losses due to heat waves and wildfires are huge. Flooded and burned areas cause massive economic loss.


Solutions to global heat waves and wildfires are listed below.

1. Roof Top Vegetation: Rooftop vegetation could help reduce urban heat island effects that contribute to rising temperature.

2. Planting Trees: Planting trees and increasing forest area help against the rising temperature of the Earth. The forest absorbs carbon from the atmosphere.

3. Eco Cities: Promoting eco urban cities is a step towards sustainable practices in tackling the effects of global heat waves and wildfires.

4. Alternative Energy Sources: There is a dire need of using alternative energy sources instead of fossil fuel combustion that releases greenhouse gases. To find out more about it, read: What Are Alternative Fuels? Types, Benefits, and Importance.

5. Electric Cars: Electric cars don’t run on fossil fuels. Launching electric transportation would lower global carbon footprint.

6. Removing Combustible Vegetation: Removing combustible vegetation around the residents would lower the risk of wildfires due to heat waves.


Global heat waves and wildfires are indicating that the Earth has no time left to act correspondingly. Destroying our beautiful planet by expanding industries and not enacting preventive laws describe filthy and greedy human nature. It is feasible to quote that the whole world would experience the devastating consequences of rich-driven climate changes.

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