Global Heat Wave and Wildfires – Causes, Effects, Solutions

Global Heat waves and wildfires disturbing all kind of lives on the Earth

INTRODUCTION The world is experiencing extreme weather events such as heavy rainfalls, droughts, floods, wildfires, etc. All this is happening due to climate change. WHAT ARE HEAT WAVE? Heat wave and heatwave are exactly the same words. This term is defined as a spell of extreme hot weather conditions that is characterized by excessive humidity […]

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2019-2021 The Years of Wildfires – Causes and Effects

wildfires are burning the World

INTRODUCTION What’s happening in the world is distressing. Every day news channels are telling us about the ecological disasters taking place around the world. Our only planet Earth is burning. The temperature of the Earth’s surface has been increasing, glaciers are melting, the sea level is rising, environmental issues are becoming prevalent, and instead of […]

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Bushfires and Their Dangerous Impacts on the Environment

bushfires, wildfires forest fires

Introduction Bushfire: It is defined as the fire that spreads quickly in a forest or scrub. It is a type of wildfire. Bushfire is the fire that ignites the areas of savannahs, grassland, scrublands, woodland, and bushland. Bushfires are characterized as uncontrollable and unpredictable fires. Causes of Bushfire Bushfire needs an ignition source, oxygen, and […]

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