Climate Change and Pakistan Arising as A Global Leader

climate change and a global leader pakistan


Pakistan is at 5th rank in most populated countries in the World. According to land area, it is at 33rd number covering 881,913 square kilometers. The climate of Pakistan is not the same throughout the country. It has four seasons and located in a temperate zone. The climatic conditions in Pakistan vary depending on the region. The country experiences extreme weather variations such as heavy rains, floods, droughts, etc.

Impacts of Climate Change on the Environment of Pakistan

Climate change is influencing every commercial and noncommercial sector of Pakistan. The prevailing environmental problems in the country are air, water, and soil pollution, resource depletion, biodiversity loss, deforestation, etc. Environmental pollution is increasing due to smog and less rainfall. Variation in the climate of Pakistan has induced water stress conditions and food insecurity. Frequent floods are causing economic loss. Human and animal lives in Pakistan are paying the price of global climate changes. Pastoralists in Pakistan are also getting affected by climate changes.

Pakistan Arising as a Global Leader

Pakistan is arising as a global leader in order to combat climate change. The country is most vulnerable to climatic changes. Knowing the consequences of climate change, the government of Pakistan has initiated clean green projects throughout the country. These projects include Miyawaki Urban Forest, the 10 billion tree tsunami programme, etc.

The aim of these projects is to make Pakistan strong against the adverse impacts of the climate, although these efforts are praiseworthy, the critics in the country are showing their concerns as well.

The efforts of Pakistan like the billion tree tsunami programme have received global attention and appreciation. Executive Director of UNEP appreciated this initiative following the Britain Government.

The tree plantation projects have created job opportunities for people as well as it is reported that the production of honey will be increased in the country due to countrywide plantation projects.


The steps to mitigate the effects of climate changes by the Government of Pakistan are pleasant. Along with these steps Pakistan is also considering renewable energy sources to conserve natural resources. It is important to highlight the fact that Pakistan is not a major contributor to climate change but it is among those unfortunate developing countries which will likely suffer negative consequences more than developed countries.


The country needs strategies to utilize renewable energy sources. To efficiently deal with climate change Pakistan is in a long run, the reason is financial and other resources instability. However, the effective steps taken by the country will yield good results in the upcoming future. The likely efforts of Pakistan towards ongoing climatic change highly deserve appreciation because the country is doing so without any international assistance.

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