Balochistan Could Suffer Aridity Due to Insufficient Dams

Baluchistan will suffer water scarcity


Pakistan has four provinces and Baluchistan is one of them. It is the least populated but largest province by area. Quetta is the provincial capital. Geographically Baluchistan is connected with the Arabian Sea. Baluchistan has Makran coast and mud volcanoes are active in the region.
Baluchistan is experiencing extreme weather events like never before. The main issue is water scarcity leading to drought conditions.

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Factors affecting the Environment of Baluchistan

Factors that are affecting the environment of Baluchistan are climate changes, the Karez system, illegal tube wells, and global warming. Quetta was known as the coolest city of Balochistan now it is facing increasing temperature and hotter summers than before.

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Availability of Freshwater in Future

The US National Intelligence Council has warned that after the next ten years the whole world will suffer water shortage. The report included regions such as the Middle East and South Asia specifically Pakistan that will suffer social, political, and economic tensions due to water scarcity. Also check out: Water Crisis in Pakistan- Current and Future

Water Stewardship

Water steward is a term that includes conservation, management, and orderly utilization of water resources. The current government of Pakistan should focus on water stewardship in Baluchistan.

The present Chief Minister of Baluchistan, Jam Kamal keeps sharing his concerns over environmental issues in the province through social media. In the previous year during a meeting of the Baluchistan Environmental Protection Council, he discussed the environmental problems such as drought and water scarcity that must be addressed sooner or later. However, the efforts by the provincial government are not efficient. BEPC was formed after the IPCC conference on climate change and its impacts on the environment.

Possible Solutions for Water Scarcity

When it comes to water scarcity issues, the possible solutions are the construction of water reservoirs. Water reservoirs include dams that are used for water storage. The construction of the Siri Toi dam in Baluchistan is delayed due to political reasons. The estimated cost for the construction of the Siri Toi dam is five billion rupees.
Along with dams the rainwater storage system could be another feasible option to conserve water in the water-scarce areas. This technique also helps in recharging groundwater.

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Baluchistan is a less developed province as compared to other provinces of Pakistan. The reason could be social, political, and economical issues. But the environmental issue is also prevailing among other issues. Due to dry weather conditions and climate changes, some parts of Baluchistan might not have enough water available to meet daily needs. The only viable solution for water conservation in Baluchistan is the construction of small dams as soon as possible.


Climate changes are drastic throughout the world. Droughts and floods are common due to varied climatic patterns. The provinces of Pakistan especially Baluchistan is suffering the consequences of climate changes. It is recommended that there is a dire need for 50 small dams that must be constructed within the next three years in Baluchistan. The province needs national attention on the water scarcity issue.

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