Dire Need of Sea Water Desalination Plants in Baluchistan Pakistan

Baluchistan needs desalination plants due to water scarcity


The whole world is going to face water scarcity issues in near future due to continuous depleting water reserves. The seawater is been looking like a solution to the problem. Many countries around the world don’t have sufficient resources for freshwater so they rely on desalination plants.

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Baluchistan, one of the provinces of Pakistan is experiencing water scarcity issues. You might like reading the Chief Minister of Punjab has announced 13 Small Waterbodies to be built in Sulaiman Ranges and Why Construction of Dams is Crucial for Pakistan as Climate change might lead to water scarcity in Pakistan.

Freshwater resources in Baluchistan have been contaminated due to water pollution caused by pesticides, toxic metals, etc. The quality of drinking water is not suitable for human consumption. Industrial influents are being discharged into freshwater resources. Water pollution is responsible for sanitary problems among the residents. There was old news that reported about the idle desalination plants in Baluchistan. The province often experiences a power outage.

Current situation of Desalination Plants

A Chinese company installed a desalination plant at Gawadar port under the CPEC project. The desalination plant is providing 254,000 gallons of drinking water to approximately 4000 households in Gawadar.

Dire need of Sea Water Desalination Plants in Baluchistan

There is a dire need of desalination plants in Baluchistan because more than 6000 tube wells are being used across the province for lifting water from underground water reserves. That’s not enough to meet the water demand in the province.

However, the desalination plants cost huge electricity bills and the country is already facing electricity shortages. The people living there need long-term solutions, although seawater desalination plants are often considered as a long-term solution, it could never be the final option to water scarcity issue in the province. People have to buy water from water tankers to meet the need for daily water consumption.

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Baluchistan is the less developed province of Pakistan. Climate change is showing disastrous impacts on the province. Along with that people living in various regions don’t have access to clean drinking water. In such a situation, desalination plants could be a feasible option. Already existing desalination plants should be managed properly to achieve sustainable goals in Baluchistan. Adequate funds should be allotted for the efficient working of desalination plants. The desalination plants must be monitored and maintained in order to avoid any failure in the working process.


It is recommended that desalination plants should not be considered an ultimate solution to the water scarcity issue in Baluchistan. The construction of small dams is critically important for resolving water-related problems in the province. Read this article to know more about the province – Baluchistan, which could suffer aridity due to insufficient dams.

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  1. Growing of glaciers is the alternate solution to water scarcity, because Quetta is considered as coldest area of Pakistan.

    1. That’s the ideal situation, but due to climate change this is becoming impossible unfortunately. So we need alternate sources of fresh drinking water.

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