Desertification – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

desertification causes food shortage

INTRODUCTION Desertification: It is defined as the conversion of productive/fertile land into unproductive or desert by series of processes. It is further classified as a land subjected to degradation by natural or anthropogenic processes. The productive land becomes more susceptible to aridity. Water becomes scarce in arid regions and hinders crop production. Also read our […]

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Condition and Effects of Soil Health in Pakistan

soil salinity, water logging less productive soil

Introduction Soil Health: It is defined as the capability of soil within the ecosystem to act as an essential living system that encourages sustainable growth of microbial flora, animals, and plants and improves the environmental conditions of air and water. Soil health plays an important role in removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. To know […]

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Balochistan Could Suffer Aridity Due to Insufficient Dams

Baluchistan will suffer water scarcity

Introduction Pakistan has four provinces and Baluchistan is one of them. It is the least populated but largest province by area. Quetta is the provincial capital. Geographically Baluchistan is connected with the Arabian Sea. Baluchistan has Makran coast and mud volcanoes are active in the region. Baluchistan is experiencing extreme weather events like never before. […]

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