Pakistan To Host World Environment Day 2021

World Environment Day Ministry of Climate Change Pakistan

World Environment Day, also known as Environment Day or Eco Day is celebrated every year on 5th of June to impart environmental awareness to the masses. First World Environment Day was held in 1974, as an initiative by the United Nations to spread awareness about the environmental issues faced by the world. It has now become a global phenomenon with almost all countries of the world observing it every year.

World Environment Day has a new theme every year, as well as a host country. It was announced earlier today by UNEP that year 2021’s theme is “Ecosystem Restoration” and Pakistan will be the global host country for this year.

This was also announced by the Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan:

Since the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, PM Imran khan and his political party PTI came into power, Pakistan has been focusing a lot on environmental restoration and tree planting campaigns such as the successful and globally praised “Billion Tree Tsunami” and its step-up campaign which is currently being undertaken by the country:  ”10  Billion Tree Tsunami” as well as afforestation of cities like Lahore and Islamabad by using the “Miyawaki Urban Forest” technique. Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries to Climate change and the impacts of Climate Change on Pakistan will be devastation, thus the need for efforts to conserve our environment by the PTI leadership need to be appreciated. Pakistan is set to be one of the most environmentally conscious country of the world with its current government and the public’s effort for ecosystem restoration – which happens to be this year’s WED’s theme also.

Finally PM Imran Khan and his government’s efforts t0 conserve the environment are being acknowledged internationally. Thanks to him and his team, Pakistan is becoming an environmentally conscious and green country! Pakistan Zindabad!

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