Why Should We Go Paperless And How Will It Impact Our Earth?

paper are worthless if you have digital data saved in your computer devices


The present situation of the Earth is calling for attention that the residents of the Earth must act now to save it from further damage. Human activities are responsible for increasing destruction on the Earth. The perpetual harm to the ecosystem of the Earth is bringing disastrous changes to the world including species loss, soil erosion, habitat loss, increasing temperature of the Earth’s surface, rising ocean levels, ocean warming, ocean acidification, air pollution, smog, water pollution, waste pollution, etc.

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Paper generation is associated with many environmental issues such as deforestation, water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, effluent discharge into the environment including toxic chemicals, etc.

Covid-19 pandemic has also shown us that the virus could stay on top of different surfaces and spread easily from one person to another person, including from paper, so sharing papers for any reason can be very dangerous for all of us.

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Now, the question is why should you go paperless, and how it will save the environment? Here, a few points have been discussed that highlight the importance of sustainable approaches that would help you a lot in day-to-day life.

1. Easy Access to Important Data: One can have easy access to important data that could get displaced if written on paper and not stored in digital devices.

2. Save Time: Going paperless would save time as compared to paperwork that requires much attention and time.

3. Prevent Paper Burning Problem: Many people burn paper just to reduce waste piles. Minimizing the usage of paper will prevent people from burning paper or cardboard.

4. Improve Document Security: Turning your important documents into digital versions will improve the security of assets.

5. Cost-Efficient Method: The paperless technique is a cost-efficient method that reduces transport and other costs.

6. Create Space: Paper requires space for storage while going paperless would create more space in surroundings for other activities.

7. Help Against Contagious Diseases like COVID-19: One more advantage of going paperless is it would prevent the spread of contagious diseases like COVID-19, where transmission can also occur through paper. The bad thing about paper is that it cannot be washed or sanitized to clean it of Coronavirus.

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Most people have easy access to phones or other digital devices. Limiting demand for paper will have positive impacts on the environment.

1. Reduce Emission of Greenhouse Gases: Paper production is associated with air emissions such as greenhouse gases. Avoiding paper will definitely reduce the share of greenhouse gases emissions into the air.

2. Less Waste Generation: Less waste will be generated if people go paperless in the daily routine of their lives as paper waste is already a huge issue in the world.

3. Save Trees: It will save trees that are carbon sink and often remove air pollutants from the air. Cutting trees release carbon back into the air.

4. Less Air Pollution and Water Pollution: Reducing demand for paper will cause less air and water pollution. Moreover, water quality will be saved from harmful chemicals used in paper factories.

5. Less Burden on Landfill Sites: Paper makes a huge portion of waste that is directed to landfill sites. Going paperless will reduce the burden on landfill sites.

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Every green act of individuals residing on the beautiful planet Earth will save it from degradation. Along with major steps that must be enacted to save the Earth, there are numerous short and sustainable ways by which humans can play their role in saving the environment. The current Pandemic has forced us to go paperless to some extent, adopting it in order to protect the Earth would be a tremendous initiative.

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