15 New Technologies and Innovations for improving our Environment

solar power, biomass energy, bio-plastic are eco-friendly technologies

The ecosystem of the Earth is subjected to environmental degradation since the revolution of industries. The human population is increasing at an alarming rate and stressing the natural reserves. Urban sprawl and industrialization in order to meet the demand of increasing population are contributing to climate change. Our world is facing many environmental problems. Climate […]

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Renewable Alternative Energy Resources – Advantages and Disadvantages

wind and solar energy as alternative renewable energy

INTRODUCTION Renewable Sources: These are naturally occurring resources that get replenished over time. Examples are geothermal heat, tides, precipitation, wind, sunlight, waves, etc. The energy that is produced from renewable natural resources is called renewable energy. It also involves energy that is produced from a renewable resource such as biomass. Non-Renewable Sources: These are natural […]

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