15 New Technologies and Innovations for improving our Environment

solar power, biomass energy, bio-plastic are eco-friendly technologies

The ecosystem of the Earth is subjected to environmental degradation since the revolution of industries. The human population is increasing at an alarming rate and stressing the natural reserves. Urban sprawl and industrialization in order to meet the demand of increasing population are contributing to climate change. Our world is facing many environmental problems. Climate […]

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Eco-friendly Aircraft Engine Invented by a Young Pakistani Scientist Sarah Quraishi

eco-friendly aircraft engine by Quraishi

A young Pakistani Scientist Sarah Quraishi has done amazing work by inventing an eco-friendly aircraft engine. Sarah Quraishi worked on this project during her research at Cranfield University, United Kingdom. The aim of this invention is to decrease negative environmental impacts caused by greenhouse gases emission. The smoke released from fuel-efficient engines adversely affects Earth’s […]

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Potential of Growing Recycling Business in Pakistan

reducing, reusing and recycling

Introduction Recycle is a term used for discarded products that can be reused or any used product that can be transformed into other useful products. There are many items being used and discarded in a routine life that can be undergone a recycling process. Recycling involves a number of processes such as collection, segregation, and […]

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