China to Launch Five Year Plan To Protect Marine Environment

China is ready to protect marine environment.
  • Before 2035, China is aiming to achieve the goal of “Beautiful China” set by the 19th National Congress.
  • China is launching a five-year plan to protect Marine Environment.
  • Environmental issues have caused extensive damage across the coasts of China.
  • Ecological restoration will improve the biodiversity of marine water bodies.

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China and United States are among list of countries releasing the highest amounts of greenhouse gases. The globe is witnessing the extreme events of climate change and China has also seemed interested in improving its environment.

Previously in 2017, the Beautiful China goal was set by the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. The objective of making China Beautiful supposedly gets disclosed when a five-year plan would be proposed. It is noteworthy that this scheme is not new however this plan will solely be committed to protecting the marine environment.

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According to the news source, China is all ready to launch a five-year plan to protect the marine environment. President of China Xi Jinping has given direction concerning this project. Four cities across the South China Sea, East China Sea, Yellow Sea, and the Bohai Sea have been guided by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to prepare their model plans. It is reported by another news source that the survey is being carried out for various locations. The model plans will be formed earlier before the initiation of the project.

Environmental issues such as pollution, land reclamation are key factors that have caused the degradation of the coasts of China. Satellite imagery showed that 33% of coasts are intact. The bays nearby developed areas have also degraded due to environmental issues. China is exploring sustainable ways in order to protect coastal areas.

Biodiversity has greatly reduced in surroundings and people have long avoided visiting the ocean. The citizen will have access to beautiful bays upon set target achieved goal.

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Ecological restoration through land-sea coordination will improve the biodiversity of marine water bodies. The proposed five-year plan would involve the unharmed coastal areas, protected wetlands, and recovered coastal areas. The focus of this plan is also based on habitat rehabilitation for species. Human intervention will be prevented in protected areas. Read: Heatwaves Are Killing Off Sea Life In Billions – Destroying The Ecosystem

The projected plan will include approximately 105 bays for ecological restoration while rehabilitating 48 habitats for marine species. Aquaculture farms have also resulted in biodiversity decline. Migratory birds have stopped using the intertidal zone for a temporary stay. There are several projects that aim to restore beaches. However, the critics have found that the protected areas are not close to coastlines.


China is now trying to recover its marine resources that have been subjected to environmental degradation and anthropogenic activities. The 14th marine environment five-year plan includes the marine carbon sink ecosystem. By restoring marine water bodies, the country aims to tackle climate change because marine resources store carbon. Experts in China are demanding in-depth research for ecological restoration using the marine ecosystem as a carbon sink. It would be a great initiative by China because protecting the marine environment would attract migratory birds.

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