Heatwaves Are Killing Off Sea Life In Billions – Destroying The Ecosystem

heatwaves are killing marine organisms.


Oceans are an extremely important ecosystem. The existence of marine life is crucial for life sustenance on the Earth. However, if the terrestrial ecosystem is degraded due to human activities how is it possible that the marine ecosystem is safe from it? Anthropogenic activities have caused global warming and climate change. Now we are observing the severe consequences of these human-induced extreme weather events.


One published research has highlighted that heatwaves and fluctuation in ocean temperature could kill biodiversity in large numbers and negatively impacts the ecosystem.

Latest news has reported that due to recent heatwaves, more than 1 billion marine lives have been killed. It generally includes mussels, starfish, barnacles, etc. How did scientists report the death of these animals? Experts stated that these animals were found dead nearby sea offshore. The number of dying marine organisms is increasing due to rare heatwaves. The ocean waves wash up dead animals on the seashore.

Another published research has warned that marine life is becoming the victim of marine heatwaves. All these incidents are being intensified due to anthropogenic activities.


Below, the reasons due to which marine organisms are dying are listed below.

1. Climate Change: Human-induced climate change is the first reason that is responsible for the death of millions of marine organisms.

2. Heatwaves: Climate change brings heat waves and the severity of heat waves causes extremely hot weather conditions. The hot weather might be killing heat-sensitive marine organisms.

3. Marine Pollution: Marine pollution such as plastic debris, fragments of microplastic, fertilizer runoff, water pollutants, deep-sea mining, etc, all these sources are killing marine organisms.

4. Global Warming: The release of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel combustion is contributing to the rising surface temperature of the Earth hence causing global warming.

5. Algal Bloom: Another reason for marine life’s death is an algal bloom. This is due to ocean warming and depleted oxygen levels that favor the growth of algal bloom.

6. Ocean Warming: Oceans are carbon sinks that absorb heat from the atmosphere. However, increasing environmental pollution has caused ocean warming that resulted in decreasing oxygen levels in the water.

7. Ocean Acidification: Ocean acidification has negative impacts on the coral reef ecosystem. The changing pH of ocean water kills marine life. For more info: What is Ocean Acidification? – Causes, Effects and Solutions.


The effects of marine species loss are listed below.

1. Disturbances in Fisheries: Fisheries suffer most from the death of marine organisms. Seafood is dependent on fisheries.

2. Loss of Species: Heat waves are killing marine organisms and the number of dying animals might be indicating loss of biodiversity. You may also like to read: Biodiversity Loss – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

3. Economic Instability: Whatever reason is causing loss of marine life would ultimately affect the economy of the country.

4. Invasive Species: The death of one species may lead to an increase in another temperature tolerant species.

5. Food Insecurity: Marine life supports the global food chain. Heatwaves are killing marine life, which means it would stress the global food supply.

6. Habitat Destruction: Many marine organisms live in symbiotic relationships and the death of few species causes habitat loss for other species.

7. Water Quality Loss: The death of few marine species such as coral reefs results in water quality loss because this ecosystem filters water.

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Climate change has resulted in hot weather conditions and dry weather favors heat waves. Anthropogenic activities are contributed to increasing emissions of greenhouse gases. The current heatwaves are a product of climate change that is showing aggression on marine life. Check out Global Heat Wave and Wildfires – Causes, Effects, Solutions


Everyone is now aware that climate change is happening and showing its negative consequences on all ecosystems of the Earth. Marine life is sensitive to temperature changes and the global rise in temperature of the Earth’s surface is certainly dangerous for marine organisms. A big change is vital for saving biodiversity on the Earth before it’s too late.

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