Heatwaves Are Killing Off Sea Life In Billions – Destroying The Ecosystem

heatwaves are killing marine organisms.

INTRODUCTION Oceans are an extremely important ecosystem. The existence of marine life is crucial for life sustenance on the Earth. However, if the terrestrial ecosystem is degraded due to human activities how is it possible that the marine ecosystem is safe from it? Anthropogenic activities have caused global warming and climate change. Now we are […]

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What’s Biomanipulation? Importance, Advantages, Disadvantages

biomanipulation improves water quality of lakes

INTRODUCTION Biomanipulation is often regarded as Eco-partitioning. BIOMANIPULATION This term is defined as the human practice of altering an ecosystem by introducing or eliminating certain species. Biomanipulation is generally described as engineering technology. Check out Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification of Toxic Chemicals BIOMANIPULATION BIOLOGY Biomanipulation biology is further explained as a management practice adopted by humans […]

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Coast of Pakistan and its Environmental Issues

hingol one of coastal areas of Pakistan Baluchistan

Introduction Coast:  This term is also famous as seashore or coastline. The coast is the borderline between dry land area and water bodies. More specifically where the land area joins sea, ocean, Lake, etc is the coastline. The coastlines are covering an area of 620,000 kilometers on Earth. Coastal Ecosystem: Coastal ecosystem encompasses coral reefs, […]

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