Expected Heatwaves in Summer Months 2023 in Pakistan

Climate Change and Heatwaves in Pakistan: The impacts of climate change on developing countries have been felt severely in the form of increased extreme weather events and abnormal climatic phenomenon. Pakistan is also one of the countries experiencing its impacts most recently in the form of floods and GLOFs. For more information check out, Pakistan […]

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Effects of Climate Change on Sindh Province of Pakistan

effect of climate change on Sindh Pakistan

Introduction Climate change and its effects can be seen around the world with its influence on water industry, our biodiversity and forests. It also has impacts on our health and socio-economic conditions. A report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated that the under developed and poorly developed nations are more on the […]

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Heatwaves Are Killing Off Sea Life In Billions – Destroying The Ecosystem

heatwaves are killing marine organisms.

INTRODUCTION Oceans are an extremely important ecosystem. The existence of marine life is crucial for life sustenance on the Earth. However, if the terrestrial ecosystem is degraded due to human activities how is it possible that the marine ecosystem is safe from it? Anthropogenic activities have caused global warming and climate change. Now we are […]

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