Are Electric Cars and Vehicles Feasible In Pakistan Currently?

hybrid cars are already present in Pakistan, e-bikes are recently launched


The Earth is going through a really difficult time all due to climate change. Extreme weather events are a product of climate change caused by human activities. Scientists and experts have started presenting solutions to tackle the impacts of climate change. How well these solutions are being adopted is a separate discussion. In order to reduce the impacts of climate change, the world is moving towards sustainable solutions that are environmentally friendly.

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Since industrialization, the release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased manifolds due to which the temperature of the Earth is rising. Fossil fuel combustion such as coal power plants, gas, and oil burning releases greenhouse gases. It is imperative to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases so that the predicted rise in Earth’s temperature could be prevented.


Electric vehicles have been presented as a sustainable solution to fossil fuel combustion in transportation. Developing countries like Pakistan have less than 1 % contribution to global emissions of greenhouse gases but it is included in the list of most affected countries due to climate change.

The government of Pakistan has given approval to a bid for a national Electric Vehicles policy on November 5th, 2019. This decision is taken as an effort to tackle the impacts of climate change and public access to affordable transportation.


Hybrid cars are already welcomed in Pakistan. But here the drawback is these cars are not locally manufactured but imported from another country prominently Japan.


There are different agreements being signed between companies for launching electric vehicles in Pakistan.  As mentioned above hybrid cars have gained importance in the country. It is believed that electric cars and vehicles will also become feasible sources of transportation. Fuel price fluctuation increases problems of people. Inflation is already creating problems for people. In such a scenario, electric vehicles could cost less money.

Due to electricity shortage and expensive electricity people are giving preference to solar panel installation. Read more about rise of solar power in Paksitan. The e-bike that is recently launched in the country will help save monthly expenditure as compared to fuel bikes.

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A slow transition to electric vehicles is the only way to tackle the impacts of climate change.


Electric vehicles might not be truly welcomed in Pakistan by the public on a large scale. The major reasons are given below.

1. POWER OUTAGE: Pakistan has a very common problem and that is power outages. Electric vehicles might not get enough time of charging.

2. EXPENSIVE ELECTRIC UNITS: Another very important point is electricity is expensive in Pakistan. Prices per eclectic unit may cause problems for local people.

3. NO CHARGING PORTS: The launching process of electric bikes in Pakistan is in process. However, there are no charging ports available in the country.

4. ELECTRICITY SHORTAGE: The dams are out of capacity to produce more electricity. Hence this reason would exceed the problems.

5. ELECTRIC BATTERIES: One of the reasons includes expensive electric batteries. An example is a lithium-ion battery.

6. PUBLIC AWARENESS: People are not fully aware of the importance of electric vehicles. Because sooner or later switching to alternative energy sources is the only solution for saving the planet.


The efforts are being made by the Government of Pakistan to tackle the consequences of climate change. Billion tree tsunami projects are visible examples. Similarly, electric vehicles including bikes are gaining popularity among local people. Hybrid cars are better than conventional fuel combusting vehicles. If Government manages to make charging units available at different locations along with covering electricity shortage, electric cars are more likely welcomed in Pakistan, but current situation and above mentioned issues will definitely hinder quick transition from petroleum fuel to electric cars, thus transition could be slow and steady, with promoting more and more hybrid cars. In the meantime the government can tackle these issues and make it easier for people to buy and keep electric cars – it is better for our environment.

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