Are Electric Cars and Vehicles Feasible In Pakistan Currently?

hybrid cars are already present in Pakistan, e-bikes are recently launched

INTRODUCTION The Earth is going through a really difficult time all due to climate change. Extreme weather events are a product of climate change caused by human activities. Scientists and experts have started presenting solutions to tackle the impacts of climate change. How well these solutions are being adopted is a separate discussion. In order […]

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Tar Sands Extraction Destroying Environment – Causes, Effects, Solutions

sand tar extraction is destroying our planet

INTRODUCTION Tar sands extraction is destroying the environment by causing ecological problems for the living ecosystem. WHAT ARE TAR SANDS? It is known as oil sands, bituminous sand, or crude bitumen Tar Sands is defined as unconventional petroleum sediment. It is a mixture of naturally occurring water, clay, sand, and a thick substance named bitumen. […]

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What Are Alternative Fuels? Types, Benefits, and Importance

alternative fuels include biomass, electric batteries, etc

INTRODUCTION Conventional fuels are fossil fuels that are not eco-friendly. We must shift to alternative fuels to save the environment. Advanced and non-conventional fuels are regarded as alternative fuels. ALTERNATIVE FUELS This term is defined as the use of substances or materials as fuels for powering vehicles. These alternative fuels are different from conventional fuels […]

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Top Companies Contributing to World’s Third Carbon Emission

saudi aramco, exxonmobil, top contributors to world's carbon emission into the air

A famous news source disclosed the top companies contributing to almost one-third of emitting greenhouse gases in the air. The researcher mentioned the heavy consumption of fossil fuels increasing the emission of greenhouse gases. The companies responsible for emissions are owned by national as well as private shareholders. The consequences of climate change are severe […]

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