China to Launch Five Year Plan To Protect Marine Environment

China is ready to protect marine environment.

Before 2035, China is aiming to achieve the goal of “Beautiful China” set by the 19th National Congress. China is launching a five-year plan to protect Marine Environment. Environmental issues have caused extensive damage across the coasts of China. Ecological restoration will improve the biodiversity of marine water bodies. Check out China and Its New […]

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Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Fish from Karachi Coast

fish species can be used as bio-monitoring of polluted area

  Recent research has reported bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Fish from Karachi Coast and Rivers. Heavy Metals are being utilized in the manufacturing process of various products used at the household and commercial levels. The sources of heavy metals bioaccumulation in fish include domestic waste, industrial effluents, agriculture runoff, etc. Certain fish species along […]

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