Climate Despair – A Scheme By Corporations To Hinder Action?

  • WHY Top Polluting countries also deny Climate change?
  • Is it too late to save the Earth from extensive damage done by Anthropogenic activities?
  • Climate change is a hoax, True or Not?
  • Does our future lead us to MARS or back to EARTH?

Our readers may have come across such questions over the past few years as climate change is making its root stable with immense power. Let’s look back for a while; remember when they used to say climate change isn’t real, because back then climate change was happening, but at a slower rate, now they can’t deny climate change because it is happening and everyone can see its effects in the form of extreme weather events, so now instead of denying it they deny anything can be done about it. They say it’s too late, but is is actually too late or are you being fed this false information by the same people who used to call Climate Change a hoax not too long ago? You can read this to help you to make up your mind about this issue: Can We Still Save Environment Or Is It Too Late?

Experts have shown possible ways that can be strategically enacted to restore the ecosystem of the Earth to some extent, yet developed countries do not seem serious about this issue. There are other articles about other possible ways to save Earth as it is actually not too late. Imagine if big businesses had the same commitment towards restoring the ecosystem that they seem to have about extracting oil from the earth or launching space exploration missions or spreading under-ocean fiber optic networks or many other things that make them money.

Check out Can We Do Something About Earth Heating Up Or Is It Too Late?

The fact is top polluting countries are wealthy countries that are concentrating on powering their economy by deteriorating the environment. The precious resources on the Earth are excavated through damaging processes that bring disastrous changes to the surrounding environment. Not only do these anthropogenic activities affect humans but animals whether terrestrial or aquatic. But instead of actually doing anything substantial to tackle climate change or restore ecosystem, these rich nations and big corporations raise empty slogans, greenwash their companies and countries and ask already stressed poorer countries to play their part in saving the Earth! Read: Why Burden Of Saving The Environment Is On Poorer Nations?

The concealed truth if gets decoded would reveal how politicians and lobbies were denying climate change, they spent millions and millions in trying to make people believe Climate Change is a Hoax – a big fat lie – even some politicians said they don’t believe Climate Change is real but now when Climate Change and its effects have reached our doorstep and it is stupid and illogical to deny Climate Change, suddenly all the deniers have transitioned into “despairers” and are trying to make the world believe that its too late and nothing can be done about it now. It seems like they don’t want to be held accountable and just want to see the world burn, as long as their pockets are full. Read: What the Earth’s Environment Might Look Like After 50 Years

Read more about how Top companies are contributing to the world’s third carbon emissions.

Human attention is being diverted by spreading mayhem in communities. The sole purpose of these distortions is to keep humans confused between believing in certain theories or not and letting the calamity befall the poor. There are underdeveloped and developing countries that are undergoing the extreme consequences of climate change initiated by world-class countries. UNICEF report has also shared concerns over children living in developing and underdeveloped countries being affected by climate change. Check out Climate Change Threatens Survival of One Billion Children – UNICEF. The fact remains that poorer communities and minorities are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change due to Environmental Discrimination and Environmental Injustice, so the ultra-rich don’t seem to care.

Recently, a new trend that can be seen among residents of the Earth is to find life on Mars so that Earth can be left when it could no longer support life. The hefty amount that is being invested in these innovations and proliferation in technologies can surely be devoted to the Earth-saving schemes, because as cool as living on Mars may sound, it is currently impossible and pretty illogical if we are being honest.

The matter of consideration is, there are sustainable and eco-friendly technologies that can be utilized to make use of Earthly resources without stressing the ecosystem of the Earth.  However, the corporate world doesn’t let it happen. Hence, the world needs the environmental resolution demanding world leaders to implement strict laws regarding Earth ecosystem restoration.

The world could learn from Pakistan. The country despite being one of the developing countries and also vulnerable countries to experience burnt of climate change is trying its best to tackle climate change. Read more -> Pakistan’s Green Agenda – An Example for the World to Follow

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