2021 Lookback – Recap of Promises To Control Climate Change

did politicians act according to their promises.

INTRODUCTION The year 2021 was full of disastrous changes to the environmental conditions that brought frequent episodes of extreme weather events. This year COP26 was held in Glasgow, United Kingdom that highlighted nothing new but the failure of promises that world leaders made at every climate change conference to protect the environment of the Earth. […]

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Brief History of Environmental Movement and Environmentalism

environmentalism is not a new concept

INTRODUCTION Environmentalism is a broad term encompassing environmental health and protection and being represented as ideology, philosophy, and social movement, all aspects covering the changing environment of the Earth. For more information about Environmental Science read: What is Environmental Science and Why is it Important? It is not a new concept. It has been going […]

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International Environmental Agreements Signed by Pakistan

environmental agreements singed by Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Pakistan is a developing country and it’s among the 10 top countries affected by climate change in the world. Climate change is showing its effects on agriculture in the country. Pakistan has always remained an active participant in international agreements related to the environment/ecosystem. There are several international agreements that have been signed by […]

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