The Government of Punjab is Selling Saplings for 2 Rupees

saplings for 2 rupees only green initiatives
  • The Government of Punjab has begun to sell saplings for 2 rupees only
  • The afforestation drives by Prime Minister Imran Khan aim to recover forest cover.
  • Miyawaki Urban forests and 50 new forests in Lahore have been launched by the CM of Punjab.
  • Multiple locations for tree plantation include schools, mosques, colleges, and other public sectors.


The forest department has reported that the Government of Punjab has begun to sell saplings for 2 rupees only. This initiative is also a component of afforestation drives in Punjab.

The green initiatives by Prime Minister Imran Khan aim to recover forest cover in Pakistan that has been reduced due to illegal cutting of trees, increasing housing schemes, wood need for combustion, fuel, etc.

Considering these green initiatives by PM, the Chief Minister of Punjab has launched tree plantation drives at the provincial level. The goal of these afforestation drives is to make Punjab cleaner and greener by recovering lost forests in the cities. Air pollution in Lahore is extremely hazardous for residents. Smog is a prevalent environmental issue, especially in Lahore.

In Punjab, the government has launched Miyawaki Urban Forests followed by 50 new forests in Lahore. Multiple locations have been selected by the government officials for trees plantation. Along with these initiatives, the selling of saplings for 2 rupees has encouraged locals to plant trees.

The departmental sectary has suggested that people should plant trees in universities, schools, mosques, medical centers, colleges, and other public sectors.

The forest department has approximately 73 million plants prepared at nurseries. The saplings for sale will be made available at various locations around the city from where residents can buy seedlings.

The green initiatives launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan include the billion tree tsunami project followed by a 10 billion tree tsunami project known as “plant for Pakistan”. Recently Spring Tree Plantation Campaign 2021 has begun in Islamabad.

The government of Pakistan is following the Miyawaki method to increase forest cover that was introduced by a Japanese botanist. In Punjab, more than 50 places have been chosen by Government officials for tree plantation. Along with that almost 20 places in Islamabad are selected for tree plantation.

The environmentalists and scientists have indicated deforestation as the prime reason for increasing environmental pollution in Punjab. 70% of trees have been chopped down in Lahore. Lahore is famous as the city of gardens, yet air pollution in the city causes breathing problems among residents.

The government has encouraged youth to participate in afforestation drives. Courses on Climate change will be included in studies for creating awareness among residents.

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