Impact of Marine Species Harvesting Industry on Environment

Introduction: Marine Species and Harvesting Marine species refers to those organisms- plants, animals and other microorganisms that live in seas and oceans such as eels, jellyfish, sea stars, sharks etc. Marine harvesting refers to any activity concerning extraction of organisms and resources found in seas or oceans. Collectively, the harvesting industry can be called as […]

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By: Dr. Khalid Farooq Akbar and Syeda Khola Tazeen Corresponding Author:¬† Nature is the art of God. – Dante Introduction The ever-growing tsunami of human development including infrastructure expansion, urbanization, deforestation and industrialization has changed natural landscapes and is ravaging pristine wild areas. With advances in engineering and technology, there is no place left on […]

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Is Climate Change the Reason Behind Worsening Allergy Season?

warmer temperature led to extended pollen season

The latest research has suggested that climate change has made pollen seasons worse than before. The study pointed out a link between pollen concentration and temperature due to which human health is being deteriorated. Plants have started making pollen earlier due to climate change. Climate change resulted in extended pollen season and 8% pollen concentration […]

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10 Reason of Why Butterflies are Dying and How We Can Save Them

butterflies are declining in number due ti climate change, habitat loss, pesticides, etc.

Introduction Butterflies including moths are a group of insects from the order Lepidoptera. The adult butterflies are characterized by bright colorful large wings. Moths hide during the day and fly during the night. Butterflies use chemical defense, camouflage, and other defensive adaptations in order to protect themselves from predators. Habitat of Butterflies The diverse variety […]

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Australia and Its Environmental and Climate Crisis

mass species extinction due to climate crisis in Australia

Ten years ago, the Australian report highlighted the actions the Government must take to prevent biodiversity loss. The imperiled species in Australia indicated that nearly 1807 species have been listed as threatened with extinction. Experts have recommended the rigorous implementation of National Environmental Standards. The Government of Australia must act now to protect species from […]

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