Fading Footprints: A Tale of Survival Struggle


Pakistan’s unique wildlife faces significant threats, encompassing population decline, habitat loss, illegal hunting, poaching, and the illicit trade of wild animals. The survival battle of three iconic species that call Pakistan home warrants discussion. Check out: 10 Critically Endangered Animals That Can Go Extinct By 2050 1. SNOW LEOPARD The Snow Leopard, scientifically known as […]

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Animals in Danger of Extinction in Future in Pakistan – List

Introduction: Biodiversity in Pakistan Like many other parts of the world, Pakistan is also endowed with a huge variety of flora and fauna. They range everywhere from the arid deserts of Thar and Cholistan to the cooler northern mountainous regions of Hunza. Many of them are also critically endangered and efforts are needed for their […]

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Illegal Wildlife Trade in Pakistan – Threat to Endangered Species

illegal wildlife trade is causing economic losses in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION WILDLIFE TRADE This term is defined as the trade of products that are derived from wildlife that includes body parts of animals such as meat, bones, skins, etc. Living and dead animals are also traded internationally. The traded wild plant species are then grown in a controlled environment. ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE Illegal wildlife trade […]

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