World’s Top 10 Food Producing Agricultural Countries

Introduction: In 2023 when the population has just hit 8 billion, food insecurity and water scarcity has become an even bigger issue with mostly the rural population and minorities suffering from it. Besides the environmental injustice and environmental degradation of our land and soil, growing food is also becoming a challenge due to soil erosion, […]

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Integrated Pest Management -Methods, Benefits, Disadvantages

Introduction: What exactly is meant by ‘Integrated Pest Management’? Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in agriculture is the eco-friendly and sustainable approach of dealing with pests– that are unwanted organisms that harm the crops. Instead of using Pesticides that are harmful to the environment and human health, many farmers may also opt for Integrated Pest Management […]

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Biodynamic Farming Benefits and Importance for Environment

What is Biodynamic Farming? Biodynamic farming is an ethical approach to agriculture that has combined both science and spiritual values. First introduced and developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1924; it is the type of farming behind which lies the obscure philosophy of treating the entire farm as a living organism and it integrates all plants, […]

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What is Biodynamic Farming? – Methods and Advantages

What is Biodynamic Farming? Biodynamic farming is a type of substitute agriculture that utilizes ecological and ethical methods for farming, production of food and gardening techniques. The conventional and traditional methods of agriculture disrupt the quality of the soil with time. The soil quality deteriorates due to grazing, crop production and nutrient deficiency. It helps […]

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What is Agroecology? Importance and Impact on Environment

agroecology is a sustainable farming

INTRODUCTION Agroecology is a term that can be evaluated in three different ways. It could be a scientific discipline, an agricultural practice, or a movement. Also check out: Hydroponics – The Future of Agriculture? AGROECOLOGY This term is defined as an applied science that focuses on ecological procedures related to methods of agriculture production. It […]

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Sustainable Agriculture Practices and their Advantages

drip irrigation saves water

INTRODUCTION Sustainable Agriculture: It is defined as sustainable farming or agricultural practices in sustainable ways. It includes sustainable agriculture practices that meet the food and textile demands of the current society without compromising the capability of the upcoming generation to meet their demands in the future. Sustainable agriculture is based on the services of the […]

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