Environmental Impact Of Food -From Production to Consumption

Food and Environment – Their Relation: Food– something no living being can survive without. However, it is often overlooked as how one of the most crucial component of our lives can also be responsible for contributing to the worsening environment and ultimately to climate change. Food requires, growing, processing, transporting, trading and preparing before it […]

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World’s Top 10 Food Producing Agricultural Countries

Introduction: In 2023 when the population has just hit 8 billion, food insecurity and water scarcity has become an even bigger issue with mostly the rural population and minorities suffering from it. Besides the environmental injustice and environmental degradation of our land and soil, growing food is also becoming a challenge due to soil erosion, […]

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Agroforestry – Importance and Application in Pakistan

Agroforestry is gaining importance in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Pakistan is an agrarian country, where the demand for food is increasing because of the growing population. Agroforestry is an agriculture practice that has various ecological, social, and economical advantages. You may like to read Sustainable Agriculture Practices and their Advantages. AGROFORESTRY This term is defined as a unit of land use management systems […]

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