Dreams Of Mars Killing The Earth -Life On Mars Is False Hope

mars is not a livable planet.


After causing enough destruction on the Earth and instead of doing some kind of effort to save the planet Earth, the responsible authorities are dreaming of shifting to a new planet that supports no life. The purpose of finding life signs on other planets makes it evident that those who have done extreme damage on the Earth by inducing climate change are in no way feeling sympathy towards Earth’s ecosystem rather they are making a team of billionaires so that this planet could be left immediately.

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Let’s take a look at dreams of Mars, how this dream could be achieved by triggering more disastrous changes in the environment of the Earth.

The time, money, natural resources, and a lot more that are being spent on the framework of the space program are futile attempts. We have another article on space exploration about how this is causing negative impacts on the environment of the Earth: Negative Impacts of Space Exploration on the Environment

The burning of fossil fuels in rockets, space engines, extraction of raw material for manufacturing spaceship parts, all these processes contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases. The release of tonnes of carbon increases carbon footprint. However, space trips are being fantasized about all over the world to ensure these billionaires are doing something amazing for the people of the Earth. Is that logical to you?


According to the news source, billions of dollars are being invested in projects by mega-rich to reach Mars. Apparently trying to reach mars first is rich boys’ new hobby. What are billionaires on the Earth are trying to achieve with these tactics? There is no sign of life on the planet Mars.

Out of nine planets, only Earth is supporting life where we currently are present and whose environment is continuously getting deteriorated with these stupid dreams of shifting to a new planet. We all know rich and powerful men love to “colonize” places that don’t belong to them (we have seen it in the past..) but isn’t trying to colonise a new planet a bit too much even for crazy rich dudes?

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Let’s suppose a situation, Millions of people would be shifted to Mars in the next few decades, then what next. How the destruction of a life-supporting planet Earth will be reasonable logic to get off to a planet that would kill you in one or another way. Plus suppositions aren’t reality – the reality is that it takes a team of hundreds make a space rocket and then send it off safely to mars and then to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Without that kind of support system back on Earth, it is practical impossible for even a single person to survive on Mars – let alone hundreds or thousands (or however many rich and influential people plan to leave Earth behind and make a new home in Mars in case Earth is destroyed or unlivable and leave the “commoners” behind..).

Now some of you must be thinking, “well if it isn’t possible now, it doesn’t mean it won’t be possible in the future” but the fact is that Earth’s environment is already changing for the worst and these people aren’t helping it make better and are instead actively destroying it due to their greed. So their plans will not come to fruition any time soon and that’s when they need to come to fruition if they wish to leave Earth before it’s unlivable.

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There is no sign of nature on Mars that is necessary for human survival, animals, and plants. So basically, the Earth-destructive activities would be continued for taking people off to Mars. On a lighter note then, are these billionaires thinking of hiring aliens to take them to mars and are they sure that once they “colonize” their planet the aliens won’t kick them off from Mars?

The situation clearly shows that life on mars is a completely illogical and false hope. The Governments and private parties who are involved in supporting such ideas are also trying to conceal their share in global carbon emissions. Nevertheless, humans are not going anywhere but the difference would be poor countries will continue to pay the debt to the nature they didn’t take after all. Read more: Why Burden Of Saving The Environment Is On Poorer Nations?


These billionaires need to help save Earth as we are dying on this earth together. How could mars planet be a planet of opportunities? Any plans of shifting to Planet B are illogical and false dreams. While billionaires are trying to reach Mars, the ultimate fact is that the Earth is the only liveable planet that we know of and they are destroying it. Their greed is destroying the earth and us in the process. Spending billions on this useless ambition, instead of spending on eco-restoration makes no sense.

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