India, China, Pakistan Top World’s Worst Air Quality Charts

the air of south Asian region is killing people


South Asian region is trending in news due to the worst air quality that shows people are breathing toxic air. Out of the three countries that are suffering bad air quality, Pakistan is not enlisted as a major polluter but rather India and China are at top of the list of countries that contribute to greenhouse gases emission on a larger scale. Most importantly, Pakistan is listed among the top affected countries by climate change.

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The main causes of air pollution in India, China, and Pakistan are the burning of rice stubble, vehicular emissions, coal-running power plants, waste combustion, brick kilns, etc. These activities are hugely responsible for air emissions that pollute the quality of air.


The effects of air pollution on residents of these countries are lethal. Many reports have stated that people of cities that have been listed as most polluted cities die or develop chronic diseases due to the worst air quality. You may like to read: Lahore Smog is Killing Us -Harmful Impacts of Smog On Humans

  1. Brain Development: Bad air quality is found to negatively affect the brain development of the fetus.
  2. Cardiovascular Diseases:  There are many cases that show an association between cardiovascular disease and poor air quality.
  3. Lung Cancer: Poor air quality is often linked to the development of chronic bronchitis and lung cancer.
  4. Insulin Resistance: People who already have some medical history are more vulnerable to the effects of poor air quality. Air pollution reduces insulin resistance among diabetic patients.
  5. Dry Eyes: The most visible effect of air pollution is on the eyes. The common problems include dry eyes, itching, red eyes, etc.

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The recommended solutions to air pollution are only beneficial if countries actually take this matter seriously.

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  1. Smog Towers: There are smog towers that work to reduce air pollution by removing particulate matter present in the air. Read more: Equipment Used in Industries to Control Air Pollution
  2. Mutual Cooperation: One solution to air pollution that is persisting in India, China, and Pakistan is mutual cooperation. No single country can tackle transboundary air pollution on its own. Countries that don’t want to work with each other but have to for their future generations. They should work together and take this issue seriously.
  3. Air Quality Monitoring: Installing air monitoring plants can help detect the air quality of cities. There should be strict monitoring in the cities so that safety precautions could be adopted.
  4. Ban on Air Polluting Sources: Smog is often experienced in winters so Governments of affected countries should put a ban on sources that cause air pollution, for instance, banning rotary kilns, burning of coal, etc.


There is territorial tension between India and Pakistan, yet this shouldn’t be made a base for not sorting out other regional issues in which transboundary air pollution is listed as a matter of concern for south Asian countries. India and China no doubt cause more pollution than Pakistan but Pakistan due to its geographical location faces the brunt of air pollution. Therefore, these three countries should work together to reduce the severity of this problem that is effecting all equally.

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