How Pakistan Is Handling Plastic Waste and Pollution?

plastic is causing harms to the environment in Pakistan
  • Plastic waste is expected to increase immensely in quantity before 2040.
  • The current rate of plastic waste generation demands actions to curb this environmental issue.
  • Pakistan has developed plans and strategies to deal with Plastic Pollution.
  • The government is launching a plan in the mid of 2022 against the plastic pollution problem.

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According to news sources, it is being said that the world is facing a more serious concern along with other environmental issues and that is plastic waste. Although plastic has deleterious effects on the environment, it is generated in huge quantities around the globe. And this process is leading to the build-up of plastic waste on land and in the ocean. For detailed information about plastic pollution, read: What is Plastic Pollution? – Sources, Effects and Solutions.

It is estimated that the plastic waste that ends up in the ocean will be triple in quantity in upcoming years as compared to the present time. This global crisis demands actions that must be opted in order to lessen the burden of plastic waste on land and in the ocean. Read: The Impacts of Microplastic Pollution on the Environment

Pakistan is a developing country and along with many other environmental issues, plastic waste is also a significant problem. News sources have reported that the previous year, 3.9 million tonnes of plastic waste was generated in Pakistan. The country doesn’t have adequate waste management facilities and landfill sites, ultimately the waste is subjected to open dumping, improper landfill practices, making way to water bodies, etc.

The current Government of Pakistan has been seen in action against plastic generation and pollution. In 2019, Pakistan put a ban on the single-use of plastic bags. Due to this action, approximately 600,000 kilograms of plastic production per annum has been reduced. The Ministry of Climate Change played a crucial role in spreading awareness among people about the damaging effect plastic has on the environment.

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Pakistan is devoted to looking for new innovations and technologies in dealing with plastic waste that have sustainable benefits. An example could be presented by the Clean Green Pakistan Index that explores ways to develop better sanitation facilities across the country. Another sustainable approach includes Extended Producer Responsibility that has been adopted by Pakistan although more work has to be done yet on this policy.

The Government representatives are promoting awareness through educational campaigns that have media coverage as well. People are advised to opt to reduce, reuse and recycle strategy in order to reduce plastic waste generation. During the Covid pandemic, the Green Stimulus project launched by the Government of Pakistan shows efforts of the country to provide its citizen with job opportunities in times of lockdown.

Many countries are trying to come up with sustainable solutions to deal with plastic pollution. In doing so, Pakistan has joined Global Plastic Action Partnership so that effective strategies could be implemented throughout the country to reduce plastic waste generation. You may like to read China to Launch Five Year Plan To Protect Marine Environment

Pakistan is all set to establish a five-year plan that would be launched in the mid of 2022, aiming to fight the root causes of plastic generation and pollution. It certainly involves monitoring at the production stage, ways to minimize its usage, recycling techniques, etc. The Government of Pakistan is aiming to expand its Clean Green Pakistan vision by achieving success in upcoming projects.

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