Microplastic and Nanoplastic Pollution – Sources, Effects, Control

Introduction: What is Microplastic Pollution? Microplastic pollution is essentially plastic pollution but it is named differently because it is pollution caused by plastic fragments that are smaller than 0.2 inches or 5mm that break away from larger pieces of plastic. In many cases, they may even leach out from plastics disposed off in landfills and […]

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Plastic Crisis: An Emerging Threat to Mountain Ecosystem

Not just in Pakistan, but everywhere in the world, plastic pollution has grown to be a terrible issue. The increased usage of plastic has exacerbated existing environmental issues and has a catastrophic impact on both marine and terrestrial species. Due to its widespread production and distinctive qualities, plastic’s use significantly rose after 1965, becoming a […]

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Non-Recyclable Multi-Layer Plastic MLP Uses and Alternatives

INTRODUCTION: Multi layered plastics are the plastics that contains at the minimum one layer of plastic as main ingredient along with the one or more layers of other materials like paper, aluminium, copper etc. It has several thin sheets or layers that laminated together and are difficult to separate. For detailed information on plastic pollution, […]

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How Pakistan Is Handling Plastic Waste and Pollution?

plastic is causing harms to the environment in Pakistan

Plastic waste is expected to increase immensely in quantity before 2040. The current rate of plastic waste generation demands actions to curb this environmental issue. Pakistan has developed plans and strategies to deal with Plastic Pollution. The government is launching a plan in the mid of 2022 against the plastic pollution problem. Check out The […]

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Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification of Toxic Chemicals

bioaccumulation of heavy metals/ toxins, in marine organisms

INTRODUCTION Bioaccumulation: It is defined as the progressive accumulation of substances especially pesticides or contaminants/toxins in the organisms. Biomagnification: It is also known as bioamplification. It is defined as a successively high concentration ratio of toxins/contaminants particularly pesticides in the tissues of the sensitive organisms in a food chain. Also read: What Is Environmental Toxicology […]

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The Problems and Effects of Plastic Debris in Rivers and Seas of South Asia

plastic pollution is affecting rivers and seas of south Asia

World Bank is financing a regional project named Free Rivers and Seas for South Asia. The regional project initiative aims to promote the South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme. Plastic pollution is causing the degradation of marine ecological systems as well as rivers. Lack of strategies regarding plastic waste management is a huge gap in dealing […]

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