The Impacts of Microplastic Pollution on the Environment

microplastic endangering marine life

Introduction Microplastic: Microplastics are smaller particles of any kind of plastic. The European Chemicals Agency and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have defined microplastic as smaller plastic particles ranging in size up to 5mm. These smaller particles make their way into the natural ecosystem through various sources. For detailed information about plastic pollution, read: What […]

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Production of Bioplastic By Using Biodegradable Sources

bioplastic derived from biodegradable sources

Published research highlighted the production of starch-based bioplastic by making use of biodegradable sources. Two plasticizers -Glycerol and Sorbitol- were used in the production process of biosample. The physical and chemical properties of produced bioplastic were analyzed using different methodologies. The use of biodegradable material has made bioplastic a favorable alternative to conventional plastics. For […]

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