Earth Day 2023 – Date, Theme, Host Country and Importance

What is Earth Day? What is it about – origin, purpose and theme

Earth Day is a day celebrated every year to celebrate and recognize the efforts made for environmental protection. It has been observed since 1970- i.e. 52 years. Earth Day is celebrated in order to highlight the achievements and steps taken so far to protect and conserve our environment.

2023 Date:

It is observed on the 22nd of April, each year since 1970. The theme for Earth Day is different each year.

2023 Theme:

Them theme for this year is “Invest in our Planet” which is the same theme as for Earth Hour 2023

Host Country:

This year, Earth Day is hosted by Cote d’Ivoire and the event organized and the activities included will be specially focused on mitigating plastic pollution and the issues caused by plastic use.

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History and Importance of Earth Day:

The very first Earth Day was held as an event in the United States on 22nd April in 1970. It was proposed by a peace activist John McConnell in 1969 at a UNESCO Conference to observe a day honoring and appreciating the Earth.

The concept behind was to raise awareness for the years to come about significant environmental issues, make efforts for the protection and conservation of the environment. Each year it is hosted by a different country focusing on a different environmental problem.

The Importance of Earth Day is due to the different theme it follows every year highlighting different problems of the environment and bringing them to the forefront.

What Can We Do For Earth Day 2023?

Despite it being named as “Earth Day”, it is not merely observed for a day. In fact, the host country presents and lays down a week’s worth of different types of eco-friendly activities to be done following the year’s theme. You might also be interested in: 10 Simple Ways You Can Raise Awareness About Climate Change.

In 2023, while Cote d’Ivoire as a country hosts and focuses on plastic pollution; the other countries of the world and its residents can take part in Earth Day by themselves in their community as well. This can be done by organizing any of the following activities:

  1. Climate Awareness: Every individual in less developed or underprivileged regions should receive a formal introductory training and lesson on climate change, dangers and threats it poses, environmental degradation etc. Also check out: What is Climate Change Adaptation? – Importance and Methods
  2. End Single-Use Plastics: Even if you take the decision to stop using plastic in one aspect of your life, for e.g.: opting for metal straws instead of plastic ones for your daily coffee; this will have a huge impact globally if every individual does it. However, besides having an impact, it will help an individual become more conscious of their environment and they may take more steps to make environmental friendly choices and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. You might want to read more about Plastic Pollution, so kindly check out The Impacts of Microplastic Pollution on the Environment.
  3. Planting of Trees: Planting trees by every individual can amount to 8 billion trees worldwide- just imagine the good it can bring about for the planet!
  4. Vote for Earth: When it comes to political parties, make sure to choose those who represent or at least keep in mind the environment so that they can make or push for legislative policies in favor of the protection of environment.
  5. Clean up Your Communities: Initiatives for the purpose of cleaning up parks, neighborhoods, beaches and other public spaces in order to motivate and inspire awareness in other people to conserve the beauty of our environment and prevent littering.
  6. Invest in the Planet: Lastly, there are a number of ways this can be done by either following all the above mentioned activities or doing something as significant as making life choices such as sustainable farming, sourcing food organically and avoiding fast fashion and other industries that degrade the environment. You may also like: Pretentious Environmentalism and no Implementation is Harmful.

Basically any action that can prove to be beneficial to our environment is you investing in the environment. Every action, step no matter how insignificant it seems, if taken by 8 billion people will result in a significant impact that will help our environment. Earth Day is a symbolic day representing all we have done for the earth and on the other hand making sure that some lesser known issues are being vocalized and amplified as well on this specific day that is observed internationally each year in different countries and with different themes.

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