Climate Change is Changing and Degrading India’s Environment

India is facing burnt of climate change

INTRODUCTION There is no doubt that South Asian countries are among the top countries along with the African continent where climate change is showing severe consequences. This situation could be explained by the monsoon season which has altered over a period of time. Climate change is propelling the intensity of extreme weather events by causing […]

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South Asia Water War – Impact of Indian Hegemonic Aim on Pakistan

indus water treaty water war between india and Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Pakistan has numerous natural resources, water reserves are also among these natural resources. However, the climate changes, increasing water pollution, industrialization, and transboundary pollution, etc all are putting stress on natural water reserves in Pakistan. The country doesn’t have enough water storage capacity to meet the demand for water consumption of 30 days. For […]

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Fossil Fuels are Killing Us – According to Latest Harvard Study

fossil fuel such as coal fired plants release killer pollutants

The latest research found that pollution from fossil fuel combustion could be responsible for one-fifth of all deaths during 2018. Asthma, cardiac and pulmonary diseases are caused by long-term exposure to fine particulate matter 2.5. The dangerous level of air pollution due to fossil fuel combustion clearly shows the importance and need for clean renewable […]

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