What exactly is Global Boiling? – Causes, Effects, Solutions

What is meant by the term : Global Boiling?

In July 2023, the reports of July being the hottest month on record ever since we started keeping track of global temperatures caused the Secretary General of the UN- Antonio Guetteres to remark that the era of global warming has ended and that the era of global warming has begun.

It is basically intended to signify how the temperatures are continuing to increasing in the face of climate change and increased extent of extreme weather events all around the globe. The earth is not just warming but the temperatures across different parts of the world are now becoming extremely hot for most species to survive which only further causes harm by endangering many flora and fauna who cannot adapt to those temperatures.

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And it is just not the land temperatures that are reaching an all time high, but even ocean temperatures are soaring which will only cause climate change to pick up further speed as polar ice will also subsequently melt faster and spell more disastrous events for humans who are primarily the cause of this in the first place. Our era has been dubbed as the “Anthropocene era” because of the impact human activities have had on the environment and climate.

July 2023 has become the world’s hottest month of record with temperatures soaring as high as 52 degrees Celsius in multiple places.

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Causes of Global Boiling:

The causes of global boiling are more or less the same as that for global warming. Because humanity failed to combat the rising temperatures by modifying their harmful practices or implementing schemes and policies to mitigate climate change. Global boiling very much is global warming aggravated beyond normal levels and has all the reasons like GHG emissions that are still not curbed, many countries even the developed ones are still relying on fossil fuels for their energy and the energy mix for these countries contain less from renewable sources. Moreover, lack of sustainable development, infrastructure and eco-friendly cities should have long be adapted as part of mitigating the effects of environmental degradation.

Effects of Global Boiling:

  1. Wildfires: many Mediterranean countries have experienced severe wildfires already this year due to scorching temperatures. This includes but is not only limited to just Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia and Algeria, among others. Even Canada had suffered recent wildfires, multiple in fact, whose effect could be seen till the US state of New York. For more info: Global Heat Wave and Wildfires – Causes, Effects, Solutions

  2. Increased Heatwaves: More and more instances of heatwaves causing severe impacts are being heard of. In countries like China, Mexico and the western US, heatwaves have caused a series of heat-related deaths. Also read: Heatwaves in Pakistan And India – Causes, Effects, Solutions
  3. Loss of Life: Even animals and plants have died in many places due to lack of water and high temperatures. Roads and pavements are too hot for animals to step onto and many die of thirst and heat strokes. Plants are wilting and dying due to excessive transpiration or water loss via evaporation. Moreover, changes in habitat will also result in more deaths and possible extinction of many species of flora and fauna alike.
  4. Polar Ice Melting: Soaring ocean temperatures will also speed up the rate of sea ice, and polar ice melting as well as the glaciers which will cause more floods, flash floods, loss of life when those floods hit people and communities as well as cause the endangerment of possible extinction of the animals inhabiting the poles. For instance, polar bears are the most threatened since their habitat is declining at a faster rate than any other and they cannot survive outside those temepratures and habitats.
  5. Ocean Warming: The warming sea and water temperatures will result in disturbing the pH and temperature for many marine and oceanic creatures that cannot otherwise survive in other environments. Many species are sensitive to even the slightest of temperatures and pH changes and the increasing temperatures will lead to the extinction of many crucial species in the ecosystem including those that are in one way or another, directly or indirectly, providing a key benefit to humans such as coral reefs, whales, sharks and even the very important phytoplanktons. Also read: What is Ocean Acidification? – Causes, Effects and Solutions

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For now, it is very important that leading developed nations particularly the G20 countries like the US, UK , China and Australia who are responsible for more than 80 percent of emissions responsible for the global warming- now called global boiling- set an example by leading in the form of making changes to their industrial structures, providing proper financial aid to the developing nations in this dire scenario of climate change.

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