First-Ever Forest Monitoring System launched by Pakistan

satellite forest monitoring system
  • Pakistan did a great effort by launching the first-ever satellite-based forest monitoring system.
  • Forest Monitoring System will be used to monitor tree loss, land deterioration, and habitat fragmentation
  • The Forest monitoring system is a part of the 10 billion tree tsunami project that will assist in tackling climatic conditions.

Unlike other countries, Pakistan is facing greater environmental issues at the expense of climate change. The forest cover in Pakistan is making only 5-6 percent of the total area. The topographical properties of the land make it less susceptible to grow more forest. But human unawareness is also playing a pivotal role in deforestation, degradation, and deterioration of forest land.

Human activities as well as some natural incidents are causing forest loss in Pakistan. People are involved in illegal forest activities, extensive cutting of woods, and clearing the land area for farming purposes. All these factors have a strong connection with increased forest loss in Pakistan.

Forest cover is crucial for human survival on Earth because without trees it would be impossible to deal with the impacts of climate change. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan took a great step by initiating the 10 billion tree tsunami project.

Another effective step by the Government of Pakistan is launching a forest monitoring system. The forest cover in Pakistan requires strong monitoring in order to treat forest loss. Malik Amin Aslam, Special Assistant of Pakistan’s Prime Minister on Climate Change, stated that this satellite-based monitoring system would assist in reviewing the changes happening in forest land, locate areas of deforestation and natural habitat destruction activities by people. It might prove as an efficient source for improving the conservation and management of forests.

Furthermore, he added to his statement that Pakistan needed this monitoring system so that better preventive measures could be taken to lessen the impacts of climate change. Increased rate of tree loss could be a hindrance in dealing with the side effects of global warming. Forests are essential for reducing the negative consequences of climate change

The monitoring system includes two basic components such as Satellite land monitoring system and National Forest Inventory. The high quality gathered data will be assessed by the outcome of the measurement, reporting, and verification sequence.

Naheed Shah Durrani Secretary Minster of Climate Change briefed in an event about the national monitoring web portal linked with the launched system and the preparedness of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change concerning forest damage. The UNFCC project aims at reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation by increasing forest area.

Accelerated deforestation in Pakistan requires strict monitoring and the above-mentioned initiatives by the Government are true assets for Pakistan.

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